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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow day pics

While I've been known to complain about sand, I actually love the snow! These past few days Pennsylvania saw about 8 inches of snowfall, way more than predicted -- "an overachiever," in the words of the poor meteorologists who seemed genuinely bewildered and embarrassed by their oversight (it's okay, meteorologists, we forgive you; no one, least of all your Doppler radar, can understand MOTHER NATURE).

Two of Marshall's gym clients ended up canceling today, and I was working from home, so we decided to break at halftime and go outside and frolic. We ended up shoveling for like an hour, and then we decided to make a snowman! We gave him wild pine hair and Victorian buttons. Then Marshall scooped a bunch of snow into a pile and, like a wintry Michelangelo, scraped and molded it into a charming, overgrown snow bunny.

Below are some photos. They're really cute, so try not to vomit.

Happy December!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Broadway Spotted took my singing course! And you can, too

If you're a lover of theater and Broadway, you've probably heard of the popular blog Broadway Spotted, which features all kinds of awesome theater-related articles, updates, and community events like book clubs (they even read my book, Unnaturally Green!) and, most recently, Broadway Secret Santa (of which I am happily a part!).

I bring this up because, today, Broadway Spotted herself (himself?) (the identity of its author remains a secret!) took my belting course, Belt Your Face Off! and wrote an awesome review!

Even cooler, the blog is currently offering a totally sweet promotion for readers, running through the month of December (or while supplies last):

1) Get $30 OFF your student enrollment with the code ISPOTSANTA, or --

2) Maybe even cooler -- if you're a Wicked or musical theater lover -- you can get $20 off BYFO enrollment PLUS a free signed copy of my book Unnaturally Green with the code GREENSANTA. There are only 15 copies available, so first come first serve!

This promotion only runs for a few weeks and has limited spots! Redeem your coupon code by clicking on the above coupon links, or by filling out the form below, or by visiting, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking BROADWAY SPOTTED DECEMBER PROMO.