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Monday, November 18, 2013

Let me critique you! (Video)

Because there is nothing more fun rewarding than judging you critiquing singers' technique and song performances, I am now offering online video critiques!*

Who I Am 

In case you missed it, I'm a singer, performer, voice teacher, encouraging mentor person who wants to help you achieve your singing goals!!

How It Works

1. You film yourself singing a song, upload it to YouTube, and let me know what you want to work on.

2. I send you a video back in 1-3 biz days, addressing your technique, song performance, interpretation -- whatever you want! In said video, I will most likely be wearing a funny hat.**

 3. We end feeling great about ourselves, and the life-affirming power of music.

 *I would never judge you! I am really nice. I swear! I'm also honest. But nice!
 **Okay, I probably won't be wearing a funny hat.

***UPDATE: I've streamlined the video critique process and all you have to do is visit my website and fill out the form here.***

Cool Package Deal Thing

Students who are currently taking my online belting course Belt Your Face Off! get a discount! New people of the world interested in enrolling Belt Your Face Off! and getting a video critique get a sweet package deal. Wooooo!

If you're confused about this, that's okay -- just fill out the form below and all will become clear! (I'll email you!)


  1. I'm really keen to do "Belt your face off" (great name, by the way) sometime!
    "Belting" is something mystical I am yet to uncover!

    1. Hey Beth! You totes should! I just launched a snazzy new website with a promo code if you're interested:

  2. I enjoyed a few freebie hints of yours on youtube. Thanks for sharing. I am working on 'Wicked' (but I am not on the cast). Sometimes a few hints make a big change. So, how much is usually charged per course? It never says how much. I find no information, can you clarify that?

  3. Hi Anonymous! Glad to hear you enjoy the YouTube videos and singing tips! The price of Belt Your Face Off is usually $99. If you click through to the course enrollment page via it shows you the full price - usually slashed through if there's a current coupon I'm offering or promoting. Hope that helps!! xo F