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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wicked's ten-year anniversary approaches

Greetings, all!

Tomorrow, October 30, 2013, Wicked will celebrate its ten-year anniversary. Ten magical years on Broadway! Woo, yay, applause!

Wicked is a truly remarkable show, a transcendent experience for so many theater-goers, and one that changed my life *not just for the better* [cue music] but also FOR GOOD.

(I went there. Don't groan. It would have been worse if I HADN'T gone there.)

But, to be perfectly honest, this ten-year anniversary shindig is bittersweet. Why? [Deep breath.] Because Unnaturally Green wants to be included!

I wrote Unnaturally Green as a kind of ode to Wicked. My admiration for the show, its creators, its team, and its green heroine, Elphaba, that I was so fortunate to play, is hopefully extremely apparent within its pages. Since then, my admiration has not dwindled, not by a long shot. If anything, I have even more respect for Wicked and its legacy.

What I'm bummed about is that I wish Unnaturally Green could be included, just a little, in the ten-year anniversary stuff.  Amidst all the celebration of Wicked and its legacy and how much the show means to fans, I thought it would be pretty cool for Wicked to give a brief shout-out to Unnaturally Green, or just, like, tweet about it, or mention it on Facebook, in some, small way as part of the festivities.

But, alas!

The thing is, I get it. Wicked is a giant thing. As an entity it's so ginormous, and multi-faceted, and the powers-that-be need to protect its legacy. It comprises countless people -- the hundreds upon hundreds of cast members, crew and creative team members, business associates, theater ushers... the list goes on. It's a powerful brand. And if Unnaturally Green isn't deemed up to par with this brand, then it makes sense that it shouldn't be endorsed, even with something as seemingly trivial as a tweet.


I don't want to sound self-pitying (maybe it's too late). I'm totally grateful to Wicked for having cast me, and for giving me the green light for the book. But I'm also super proud of Unnaturally Green, the reaction its garnered from Wicked fans and lovers of theater, and I believe it would only bring good into the world if it were shared -- especially with the people who most want to read it (the fans!).

I wanted to share my thoughts on this blog because it would be phony if I didn't. I believe that honest blogging is important. I couldn't not mention ten years of Wicked. Because that's really freaking cool! But I also couldn't not mention my feelings about Unnaturally Green feeling like the redheaded stepchild (no offense to redheads, I think you're amazing), tugging at the pant leg of Wicked being like, "Notice me! Notice me!"

In the end, I'll stop my huffing, eat some Halloween candy, and be okay. I'll be more than okay! See, I'm a writer. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. But then it's smooth sailing once I speak my piece.

That being said, I hope you all enjoy the ten-year anniversary, and to those of you who are going to see the show on Broadway tomorrow night: blow it a kiss for me!