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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vine: another great way to be weird

Hello! How are you? Feeling weird? Good, me too. This is why I'm here to tell you about something called Vine -- the latest social media craze.

What is Vine, besides a thing on which grapes grow?

Vine is an app for your phone or tablet or [name of other strange, reality-displacing device] that allows you to film short films by tapping on the screen and holding. When you lift your finger, the filming stops. You can't go back and edit. And you only get six seconds.

In regards to its social, interactive platform, it works similarly to Twitter. You can follow people, like stuff, or comment. And we can all do a happy dance, thinking we're being social when really we are staring at the screen of our [strange, reality-displacing device].

In summary, Vine is a medium by which creativity (and mundanity) can flourish. Join in, if you like! Or not. It is really up to you.

To whet your palate, here are some Vines I recently posted on my nascent and unabashedly weird page. I can't decide whether to be embarrassed or proud. I will let you decide.

P.S. You have to click the sound icon in the top left corner of each frame in order to hear the sound.

"No hidden message here"

"Tell me, Vine"


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