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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mika is basically the coolest person who ever lived

Dudes. Get ready for unadulterated awesome.

Singer-songwriter Mika has just released a kick-ass single...and it mixes "Popular" into the chorus! I'm talking "Popular" from Wicked, y'all. I have special love for this because, (1) Ariana Grande duets with him, and she's great, (2) Mika reminds me of an attractive British man named Stefano with whom I once attended college, so sometimes I imagine we're secret friends, (3) musical theater is officially taking over the world, in a good, non-apocalyptic way.

Anyway, the single is called "Popular Song" and it's basically the coolest thing ever; the music video is all Tim Burton-y and sexy and empowering, somehow at the same time. Click below to give it a listen, or click here to buy it on iTunes.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I cry very easily. This week a few sturdy shoulders helped catch the tears. I was depressed, then mad, then confused, then cautiously triumphant, and then still depressed.

Of course I am also proud of Boston, of the police force, of the "happy" ending to this terrible, terrible event.

And what's coming now?

The future. I don't know what redemption is. Not in real life. Will justice be served or merely invoked? Dzhokhar is younger than my little sister. I'm not forgiving him. I want to shake him. Or go back in time and change his mind.

The past. Always more pure than the present.

I just talked to my mother on the phone. She told me the first bomber, the older brother, lived two minutes from the house I grew up in. We used to trick-or-treat at his house, in a development full of kids and families. There were helicopters circling on Tuesday and she didn't know why.

I hope I never have to serve on a jury. I can't ever look at someone and wash my hands of them. My first impulse is never to "convict." Doesn't that mean I lack "conviction?" I have a bleeding heart, I guess. I don't know what that really means. Maybe that I bleed for everybody. It gets all over the place.

The victims first.

Martin Richard.
Krystle Campbell.
Lu Lingzi.
Sean Collier.

But then there's always more. It never runs out. Stupid heart. I wish there were a cure. I don't think there is.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

How I'm feeling about Spring. And some other stuff...

It's Spring! How do I know this? I feel sweaty all the time and everything smells amazing. It's the scent of cut grass, of flowers, of anticipation, of my boyfriend... (He smells so good! Do you know people fall in love not with each other, but with each other's bacteria? Or something like that. SCIENCE.)

I recently took a personality test and discovered I am an INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging), a type of person that comprises a mere 1% of the population. According to a bunch of websites, INFJs live troubled and yet enriched lives, constantly being like "Who Am I, What Is Life."

Anyway, my "F" preference (Feeling as opposed to Thinking) is no joke; growing up I wept openly and frequently; in seventh grade English class after reading Of Mice and Men I practically had to be escorted out of the building; I even sometimes felt sympathy toward inanimate objects, like unopened DVDs that had fallen to obsolescence.

Don't laugh at me. I'm an INFJ, and I might take it hard.


How do I know this / why does this relate to Spring, Felicia you weirdo? Because I'm flipping OUT right now about the beauty of Spring! I'm not just seeing, I'm motherf*cking FEELING nature, know what I'm saying? I'm encountering a bright yellow bush and I'm like, HOLY CRAP THAT'S A BRIGHT YELLOW BUSH HOW IS IT SO COOL?

Perhaps it's because I'm sensing an empirical difference between this Spring and all other Springs in recent memory. Because, for the first time in approximately four years, I'm witnessing nature not as a side note to concrete, but as an actual centerpiece, a beautiful living breathing pollen-filled THING!

And why is that?

Well...the good ol' Marshall and I have moved from our Manhattan bedroom to a cute little town called Wayne, PA. [GASPS!] I know, I know. It may seem sudden for y'all, but I assure you it wasn't on our end. We have our reasons. They're good reasons. Marshall and I have career aspirations that were proving quite tricky in New York City. And while we were juuuuuuuust getting by, we were like, maybe it would be cool not to have our rent cost more than our lives?

Did you know there are other birds besides pigeons? Bugs besides the ones you find crawling in your sink? (They chirp, too, and sustain these long musical notes, like singing robots.) That there is such a thing as breeze, and listening to silence, or the wind?

All filed under: things I forgot while living in NYC.

Before you think I'm hating on my city, let me say: to each his own. I love certain stuff about NYC, and I loathe certain stuff about NYC. Part of growing up, and getting a grip, is making choices -- and this applies also to your living situation. Sometimes we make choices before we really know who we are (me in 2008, just out of college). Our geography is one of those choices. (My career in theater was another.) Now I choose not to live by default or by inaction, but to seek out a situation that works best for me.

So we're getting to know a new area that has long been appealing (Marshall grew up in PA, a few towns over) and following our dreams! As with any life shift, it's a process, and we're at the beginning of a long road. But I'm excited to see where it takes us...

And at least the road is lined with flowering yellow bushes.

Are any of you going through similar upheavals? How do you feel? Or, more generally, are you loving Spring?

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's been so long...

What do I blog about? Tell me!

Mostly I'm posting this to relieve pressure after having been inexplicably silent since January. POOF! Pressure is off.

Well that felt good.

Stay tuned...