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Friday, December 14, 2012

Videograms for Christmas!

Are you thinking of buying Unnaturally Green as a gift for somebody this holiday season? If so, congratulations: you are one of the most brilliant people I have ever known.

Even more importantly... 

If you buy a copy of my book, then forward me your confirmation email of purchase, I'll send you or the person you're buying for a videogram! (I'm at

What is a videogram? It's a short video from me being like, "Heyyyy thanks for buying my book. You're cooooool let's be friendddddds" etc. in which I'll look very similar to the above screenshot, except my hair is shorter now.

When you forward me your Amazon/Barnes and Noble receipt, just tell me the name of the person I'm talking to and one or two fun facts I can throw in. I'll do my best to entertain, and will reply to your email with the link to the videogram by January 1, 2013.*

Note: Videograms are for paperback copies only and are non-retroactive, meaning the purchase receipt has to be from December 14, 2012 onward. 

So what are you waiting for, my little elves? Make somebody super happy this year by giving them a really fun book and a video of somebody they've never met making no sense whatsoever.

*Pending the Mayan apocalypse.


  1. Aww...can I get a video just for being a loyal student? :D

  2. Too bad I bought mine when they were released :( Probably buy another one anyway :D

  3. can't wait to get mine! btw when I sent you my confirmation, your email address got into my contact list. That's not a problem is it?