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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giving thanks, giving gifts

Yo dudes! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Mine was celebrated alongside my boyfriend Marshall's awesome family -- and was lovingly termed "Steaksgiving," because we ate steak instead of turkey, because steak is way better than turkey.

Marsh, Sibs, Fel and Sophie the German Shepherd!
Later on in the evening, while I lay prostrate on the couch, waiting for the miracle of digestion to deliver me from my food-coma, Marshall and two of his sibs built a raging campfire!

From that campfire they made torches!

With those torches they performed "The Festival of Torches":

Let there be light, bitches
I was pretty sad I missed this in-person. Then, upon further reflection, I realized I wasn't -- because, being a safety-nut, I probably would have begun screaming and convulsing on the ground.

Anyway, Thanksgiving has come to an end. It's time to take down my Thanksgiving decorations: a gourd named Maurice and a mini-pumpkin-gourd named Bam, who had taken residence upon my mantle, and by mantle I mean Ikea shelf:

Maurice and Bam are friends & do their homework together

The parting is bittersweet! But all is not lost. Because, as we bid farewell to one holiday, we usher in the next!


Don't worry: it takes a few days for the consumerist panic to set in. Before it does, allow me to direct you toward the perfect gift-giving solution:

Here is how you do it (make sure you view this on a browser, as opposed to a mobile device or iSomething)!

(And be warned: I only have about 10 signed copies on hand -- so make sure you don't snooze on this one!)

Unnaturally Green -- signed and personalized by me! -- is fun, breezy, comedic, and sure to put a smile on ol' Grandpa Phil's face. (Doesn't everybody have a Grandpa named Phil?) In short, it is the gift that keeps on giving. Until, you know, you read it.

In any event, whether or not you buy my book, let's all be sure to follow up this holiday of thanks with a wild consumerist frenzy. Hooray!



  1. I want one!!! is it possible to be sent to Mexico?

  2. Yes! Worldwide shipping! Cost will vary depending on location.