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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Bday, U.G! (Contest winners, weird video!)

One year and change ago, I was convinced there was NO WAY I was going to be able to finish my book. One year and a month ago, I was pretty much going insane, trying to edit the final draft, keeping outrageously late hours, tossing and turning like a tormented weirdo! But, behold, one year ago to the day, Unnaturally Green finally burst forth from my womb-brain, like a giant, aggressive alien that was also a book and also my child.

The point is: 'Twas born!

(Self-doubt, get offa my stoop!)

Since then, I've had the great pleasure of getting to know the coolest darn bunch of readers this side of the Mississippi -- which is every side, because y'all are from around the globe. (How cool is that?)


So. That being said, let's celebrate U.G's bday by getting down to business!

1) THANKS ARE IN ORDER! If you've been a fan/reader/blog-participant for the past year (or even before that) THANK YOU again for being so supportive and for making my job incredibly fun and rewarding. So many of you have left thoughtful or Goodreads reviews, emailed me your thoughts (side note: if you've emailed me in the past couple of months, I *will* write back; just takes me a while), tweeted nice things at me -- and I can't tell you how grateful I am.

2) I had a blast reading all your contest entry limericks! They were incredible! Thanks to all who entered! Random selection from the pool came up with these three illustrious winners --

Congratulations to:

Tricia L.S.
Patricia M.
Rebekah H.

Hooray! You each get a signed and personalized copy of Unnaturally Green! Double hooray! (Be sure to email me your contact info so I can get that book to you ASAP!)

And finally...

3) Please enjoy this OUT OF CONTROL video I filmed with my friend Sam (perhaps you remember him from our Snood video? or as the guy in Unnaturally Green who Facebook messages me about almost buying me a Wicked Witch doll, or something...).

(WARNING: Do not operate heavy machinery while watching.)

And thus we conclude a very exciting post on a very exciting day. I feel wistful, nostalgic, proud...and, as always, grateful to have all of you as my readers.

May the journey continue...

Unnaturally yours,


  1. I fear the McGriddle was America's best attempt at portable pancakes so far. Unexpected syrup pockets were maybe not the best innovation to deal with that challenge.

    Congrats on having published a book that has brought so many people fun and happiness for the past year! It's been a joy getting to know you through this too and I hope you'll have even more success with whatever you write next! (Hotcake on a cold day success even! Or popsicle on a hot day.)

  2. "unexpected syrup pockets" - Alayne...hahaha!!! I'm glad we are Facebook/Twitter friends. (Fel, your book helped bring some of us together! It's like we know each other for real.)

    Sam - seriously, his one paragraph sentence really does make me laugh a lot every time I come to that portion. So few people have such dry humor and it makes me happy. (I like to think that only intelligent people "get" that sort of humor. Maybe that's just because I "get" it? Probably.)

    Happy Birthday, Unnaturally Green. May you continue to sell one copy a day for a very long time.

  3. Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday, dear Unnaturally Green!
    Happy birthday to you!

    Congratulations! This is so exciting, and I loved the video. For the record, I would totally eat pancakes from a stand in NY. Portable pancakes are a great idea, although Alayne does bring up a good point about the syrup...

    On another note, I'm so impressed that Unnaturally Green is selling one copy a day! For a self-published book, that is very, very, very impressive.

    By the way, when you abbreviate Unnaturally Green, it is UG. I don't like this. Unnaturally Green is not "UG" at all. Can we come up with some other way of abbreviating it that helps people see how cool it is?