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Friday, October 5, 2012

GIVEAWAY: My book turns 1 year-old!

Dear ones! On this October 14, my book/lovechild Unnaturally Green will officially turn 1 year-old! To commemorate its birth and subsequent growth into a wee tiny spittling babe, I will be giving away SIGNED, PERSONALIZED COPIES (the perfect holiday gift, wut wut) TO THREE LUCKY READERS.

Didja hear me?


Who is eligible? All creatures on this great spherical earth, regardless of locale, can enter (even you, Antartican penguins!).

And because no contest hosted by me is complete without some sort of bizarre conceit, here are the rules:


1) First name and last initial.
2) A limerick that (loosely) has to do with: a) Wicked,  b) green babies, c) your favorite cheese, d) Unnaturally Green.

(What is a limerick? It's a poem like this:

There once was an author named Fel,
Who thought that her readers were swell.
When her book turns one year,
She will let out a cheer,
And cover her head in hair gel.)

Anyway, winner will be drawn at random and announced on October 14 on this blog -- but you can get submitted into the pool once, twice, or three times depending on the awesome-ness factor of your limerick.

Sound good? Everybody enter and tell your friends!!



  1. Awesome!!

    Here's my limerick:

    Once upon a time in the land of Oz
    Felicia played Elphaba just because
    She "belted her face" and ate many bananas
    Went green on some days although never visited Montana

  2. Amazing first entry! **Don't forget to include your first name and last name initial, though, so I can call you out if you end up winning!**

  3. In the thrillifying book Unnaturally Green
    Felicia recounts her adventures on the Wicked scene
    Full of humor and pathos, her reader will laugh and cry
    as the author proves everyone deserves a chance to fly
    Over the last year, this memoir was my favorite read
    with its account of songs of death such as No Good Deed
    like my favorite cheese called Cougar gold
    the multi talented Felicia is a wonder to behold

  4. In my mail there was a book
    I couldn't wait to give it a look
    I settled in with a block of cheese
    I laughed a lot and tried not to wheeze
    Gentle Rambo was big, at least he can cook!

  5. There once was a travelling fella
    Whose kid grew to cast a fine spell-a
    Unnaturally Green
    Was there on the scene
    All over it like mozzarella!

  6. Haven't written poetry since my GCSE's haha! I am Becky G :)

    In a wonderful, magical place called Oz,
    A green girl called Elphaba there was.
    She was feisty and adorable,
    And after defeating the Wizard and Madame Morrible,
    She defied gravity to gracious applause!

  7. Oops! I thought I wrote it! It's Aly W. :-)

  8. Hello Felicia!
    Sorry I'm not a penguin from Antartican but I'm Marit J. and I'm a Dutch girl (yes you're even famous in Holland! Here are a lot Wicked fans! Cause now is Wicked in Holland with Willemijn Verkaik (maybe you heard of her?) She was also Elphaba in Germany)
    I love your blog! And I have a short limerick for you.

    Babies are little poopmakers
    And also tearfakers
    But my view have to change
    Since I know one baby is strange
    She is green from head to toe
    And is in every Wicked show!
    She doesn't cry
    and San Francisco had a great standby!
    I love that green girl
    Of the show she is the pearl!

    Greets from the Netherlands! =)

  9. I'm Emily B.

    There once was a girl from Oz
    who took up an animal cause,
    but everyone was mean
    to the girl who was green,
    and Felicia got lots of applause!

  10. Debra F:

    There was a green baby in book form
    Who, one year ago, took the world by storm.
    If you haven't read it,
    You really should get it!
    Learn about Ricci's pink to green transform!

  11. I'm Rebekah H!

    My favorite cheese must be gouda
    and green babys look like marshan buddah!
    Wicked is a play that I LOVE I must say
    so please give me your book now, would ya? :)

  12. The young man with a tan in Japan,
    Devised a plan to create a spraycan of liquefied spam,
    very nice young fella to die for,
    one you would lose your life for,
    But failed, re-runs of 'Emeril Live'... BAM!

  13. I bought some cheese
    but it didn't please
    so I read unnaturally green
    and felicia, you're now my queen
    you really put my mind at ease

  14. Snuggled in my warm bed
    I grab a book I've already read
    Funny as can be
    Even describing times to pee
    Unnaturally Green will soon be widespread

  15. Tricia LS

    All righty! Here's my attempt, but you'll have to forgive the fact that I played fast and loose with the rhyming at the end... well, all right, the whole way through. Stop being so picky!

    *Ahem* (virtual clearing of virtual throat, followed by virtual rustling of virtual paper.... just setting the stage, so to speak...)

    There once was a multi-paged baby
    Definitely green. Unnaturally? Maybe.
    Chapter followed chapter,
    Brim-full with trials and with laughter.
    Who needs gouda? This child defies gravity!

  16. I'm Hannah G. :) This is so fun. I think you're awesome, Fel!

    I've never heard anything so obscene,
    This child is unnaturally green!
    A flying infant with green skin you say?
    Much like that witch girl on broadway!
    She reads Fel's book and eats pizza with mozzarella and sardines!

  17. Mara S.

    So, I challenged myself to write for the cheese prompt and loved it so much that I had to write another one. Limericks are fun. XD (you don't have to enter my name in more than once. I just had fun doing these!)

    There once was a girl who loved provolone cheese
    She ate it so much it grew on her knees
    But she didn't care
    So she ate is on a dare
    And now she eats cheeses whenever she pleases

    There once was a writer named Felicia
    Who was not from the country of Phoenicia
    She played a so-called crook
    Then wrote an amazing book
    And did not move to the town of Waukesha

    (P.S. Check your email! :) )

  18. Hey FEL, this is soooo much fun!

    Jeff J.
    When defying gravity she’d soar,
    though the green baby was born from a whore…
    She turned out to be sharper than cheddar cheese
    Though unnaturally green, it isn't obscene
    she wrote an amazing book which I adore!

  19. In a city with emeralds all over the place
    Felicia had green all over her face
    she sang "Songs of death"
    and never had breath
    her book i will never misplace!

  20. Alayne F.

    On the last day of her contest
    A fan who regarded her fondest
    Threw a poem together
    Regardless of whether
    A snowball's chance had it of conquest

    I think that meets the "cheese" category more than anything. ;) I'll try to do a better one, but couldn't resist at least contributing something. I've already been fortunate enough to get and love your book, so this is all in fun anyway.

  21. I know of a witch named Elphie,
    She cares of more than herselfie.
    While things went wrong,
    She forever stayed strong.
    Just like my hero, Felicie.

    Happy Anniversary to you, Miss Ricci, and your amazing book, Unnaturally Green!

    Your fan,
    Andrew R.

    P. S. I am such a bad rhymer I had to use nonsense words. Just like in WICKED;)

  22. "Evil!" said Madame Morrible when I am just timid
    Nobody will hear me out, not even for just a minute
    Hunted, undesired, just wishing to turn back the clock
    The Wicked Witch of the West, no longer Elphaba Thropp
    "So be it then, let all Oz be agreed... I'm WICKED!"

    Kelsey M.
    P.S I wasn't sure what a limerick was but I did my best. ^___^