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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Join Broadway Book Club's discussion of UNNATURALLY GREEN!

Weeeeee! Thanks to so many readers' input, Unnaturally Green got chosen to be read for popular blogger/tweeter Broadway Spotted's Broadway Book Club! If you've already read my book, why not give it another go-around? 

The Book Club will give you a chance to discuss it with others -- and maybe I'll chime in, too! It looks like they're reading the first 50 pages this week.

From Broadway Spotted:
This is so exciting! We’ve never done any kind of voting with a sweep this crazy! Felicia Ricci’s book Unnaturally Green was far and away the favorite to be our fourth book for the Broadway Book Club! 
A lot of you were voting for this book despite having already read it, so I can only assume two things. That you want to read it again and/or you really want a chance to discuss it with other broadway lovers. Both are great. Just remember not to give anything away for those of us who are behind the curve. For next week, please read through page 50. We’re gonna start slow just to give everyone a chance to buy the book and start.
Are you plan on joining the discussion? Leave a comment below to let me know!

UPDATE ON 8/25/12:

Looks like (1) we'll be reading up to Chapter 3 for tomorrow (page numbers are too confusing with e-readers); (2) the discussion will begin sometime in the morning or afternoon-ish. You can chime in by writing in the comments section of Broadway Spotted's latest Broadway Book Club post. I'll be sure to roll in sometime before 1:30PM, and will stay for as long as I'm welcome! Hooray!


  1. I want to join the discussion!

  2. That is so fun! I've been briefly in touch with Broadway Spotted (the person) and it looks like I'll be contributing to the group chats, as well! Yay!!

  3. YAY!this'll be amazing!!!! <3.<3 when do we start?

  4. I think next week! We're reading up until page 50 now. Check back on the Broadway Spotted blog for all the latest info:

  5. Thank you! I'll check. YAY for Unnaturally Green!!! \('O')/

  6. Coincidentally my copy just arrived a few days back so :D Enjoying the book so far, I'll probably join the discussion but a semi-major exam is coming up so that sucks but XP

    (Ignore my tendencies to end with an emoticon of some sort... ^^;)