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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Help spread the UNNATURAL word

Unnatural Compatriots!

I write to enlist your help.

I've recently discovered a super awesome Broadway-centric website/blog called "Broadway Spotted" (an off-shoot of the popular anonymous Twitter account @BroadwaySpotted, which functions like a Gossip Girl for theater geeks (yes, please)). It turns out they just started a "Broadway Book Club" wherein they read theater-y books and discuss them online. Huzzah!

First off, you guys should totes check out the site/chime in! It seems like a fun place for theater lovers to commune with each other.

Second off, please consider suggesting Unnaturally Green for the Book Club's next read! Not to toot my own horn or anything, but methinks it would be a pretty good fit for this kind of readership.

How does one make such a suggestion? Well, I wasn't able to find any official contact form on the site, but it seems the best way to pass along ideas to the webmaster is to submit a comment on this page. Who knows? Maybe it could be the site's next book pick!

I remain gratefully and greenly yours,

Felicia Octavius* Ricci
(*My real middle name is not Octavius.)

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