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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The World Under This One

In the world under this one is its mirror image, bent and fragmented, curved and slanted. At first I hoped it a distortion, the way the light breaks over the slats, the grooves, the way it reforms our faces, our heights, widths, minds, so we are heavy footed and alien, monsters of ourselves.

Now I see its truth, the inverse of what we knew, but an inverse of an inverse, somehow truer truth, where straight becomes crooked and other things become love, a love more wonderful than I knew.

In the mirror the prism of sight reflects back on itself, so the crookedness of our feelings, the mire of our confusion, is not a maze but an explanation.

We have memories, yes we have memories, of days before we could see under our own feet, before we lifted up the rug and dug into the floorboards, deeper, to find what was there, before the world had curves and slants and fragments but fit together with illusory perfection, one clear picture, a photograph, of static understanding.

In the world under this one there's another world that scares me.

Sometimes the mirror looks more like a window.

R.I.P. My Audiobook

So remember that time when I was like, "I'm going to make an audiobook of Unnaturally Green!"

Remember that time when I was like, "Actually it's too complicated for me to record and distribute the audiobook on my own!"

Oh okay: second thing is happening right now, in this post.

It is with heavy heart that I inform you my audiobook of my memoir has been kaput. Why? 

Here's the gist.

Unnaturally Green is a self-published book (meaning I wrote, marketed, printed and sold it myself); for this reason, it has many hurdles to leap when it comes to audiobook distribution. 

The audiobook industry, it turns out, is much more exclusive than the publishing industry, the latter of which lets people like me submit files of their books to services like CreateSpace and BookBaby so that they're available for purchase. In contrast, if I were to record my audiobook (which, by the way, I started to do; I got through to about Chapter Four until it dawned on me that I should investigate my distribution options first) it would be very difficult to sell it to all of you in a way that was streamlined, affordable and widely available.

Audiobook sites and services like iTunes and curate their content thoroughly and 99% of the time look for publishing house-produced content; not just any schmoe (is that how you spell "schmoe?" or is it "shmoe") like me can submit their files and voila! have them available for download.

So, in summary:

No audiobook. Why? Lots of time to produce (it takes a long time to read a book aloud!) + no way to distribute = weird/unprofitable/frustrating experience.

My apologies, friends! I tried! I tried! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Book giveaway: 3 signed copies of UNNATURALLY GREEN

Hey, book lovers! Goodreads is hosting a month-long giveaway of my book Unnaturally Green. Three signed copies are up for grabs! Click on the widget below to enter to win (and be sure to share with friends!). Love, Felicia

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A recap of Oz-tastic proportions!

Greetings, ye weary blog travelers!

Me and Gregory Maguire!!!!!!
I write to you while sprawled on a fluffy king-sized bed at the Craftsman hotel in Chittenango, NY, watching The Notebook on ABC Family, because that movie never gets old -- having just wrapped an unforgettable long-weekend of appearances, performances and book sales at the 34th annual OZ-STRAVAGANZA FESTIVAL!

Friends, it's been a total hoot! I've met astoundingly wonderful people -- from totally cool fellow self-published authors to Margaret Pellegrini, one of the original munchkins from MGM's The Wizard of Oz to the one and only Gregory Maguire (LIFE = COMPLETE) to Broadway legend (original Wiz in The Wiz) / scholar / philosopher / man-candy AndrĂ© De Shields (LIFE = DOUBLY COMPLETE).

What an incredible program of events! This weekend I had the privilege not only to be able to hear my fellow authors and actors speak eloquently about their work (and, in the case of Mr. De Shields, perform from The Wiz in his *original, skin-tight Wiz costume*) (I'm telling you, man candy), but I've also had the chance to chat, mingle and make incredible friends.

Now excuse me while I brag about it for a quick sec.