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Friday, May 18, 2012

Newsletter: Oz-Stravaganza and More

Just sent this to all my email list subscribers! (If you'd like to join the fun, click here for news, updates and ramblings.)

Dear Clever and Beautiful Ones! 

Behold! I've crawled from my cold and silty e-grave of email neglect to re-engage with ye, my trusty mailing list subscribers! I pray with all my might you'll take me back, despite my persistent neglect and distinctly corpse-like appearance.

Perhaps I can entice you with exciting news?

Unnaturally Green is now LESS THAN $4 BUCKS (for the e-book) and a mere $11.99 for the paperback! Now's the perfect time to give it as a gift to everybody you know (since I righty assume you ALL, without exception, have read it). Get another copy, like, ASAP!

What's more...

I'll be appearing (live! in the flesh!) alongside author Gregory Maguire and actor Andre De Shields this June 1-3 at the 34th Annual OZ-STRAVAGANZA Festival in Chittenango, New York (right near Syracuse), touting my book, signing things, and answering questions with unfounded authoritativeness. Get more info here!

  • I've been updating my Five-Trick Pony blog with greater frequency, which means I've been resorting to posts like this.
  • Unnaturally Green now has 71 five-star reviews on! (Did you read it? Leave a review!)
  • It was my birthday this past week! Which means I'm only slightly more depressed every time I shop for clothes at Forever 21.
  • Want to give me a present? Write a Facebook post about Unnaturally Green and be sure to tag the name of a friend (or friends) who you think would like it!
Do you have questions ("What the heck have you been doing lately?"*), comments ("I find your excessive enthusiasm to be endearing"), or ideas ("I think there's a market for edible nail polish")? Shoot me an email and I'll do my best to write back!

As always, thanks for being a part of this zany list!

Much love and aged cheeses,


*Answer: I've been writing, writing, writing (novels are hard (yep, I'm writing a novel (it's going to take a loooong time (so don't get too excited now)))), teaching voice, reading amazing young adult books, like this one, eating protein, lifting heavy weights, tweeting...enjoying this most unusual and utterly enjoyable late-mid-twenties phase of my life. What have you been up to?


  1. I think someone should write a book on the New York City weight loss program. I returned home late last night from six amazing days there and found that I lost six pounds. One pound per day! I ate lots of local food and walked hundreds of miles (Wish I knew how many I really walked!) and climbed thousands (or millions, maybe) of subway stairs.

    Or maybe Middle America just needs to build more sidewalks. That's probably it. And lots of stairs.


  2. Hi Felicia, I heard that you were writing an acting/writing tips book thingy. Is that coming out soon??