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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Watch live video of my Jan 24 event

While the fact that ye Unnaturally Green readers are scattered across the globe makes my life more exciting and colorful, it makes interpersonal interaction tricky. Take, for example, my January 24 book event at Housing Works NYC. I want to meet you all! But, alas. Plane tickets are mad expensive.

Luckily, there is hope!

Thanks to my lovely assistant slash voice student Lesley (who is a veritable online-media-organizational guru), recently I discovered that I can stream video online -- LIVE! -- as the book event happens.

Want to plug in and watch it all go down? It's simple:

1. On Tuesday, January 24, at 6:59PM EST, go here. (It takes you to my brand spankin' new UStream Channel called "UnnaturalTV.")

2. Watch, laugh, and applaud, and imagine that I can see and hear you! I will do my best to hallucinate visions that each and every one of you is sitting before me.

3. There may be ads that pop up on the site during the broadcast (between 5-30 seconds long). Fear not! These will go away eventually. Feel free to express your frustrations by shouting, cursing, and/or waving your fist in the air.

4. If you're going to be busy during the actual broadcast, the event will (if all goes as planned) be recorded and posted for later viewing.

Questions? Comments? Y'all know the drill!

Hope you can tune in!



  1. Item 4 makes me extremely happy! As I have this pesky goal called "getting a degree" that I've been working on, and will be in class that night. I certainly would never skip class just to watch you...

    Except that the thought actually did cross my mind before reason stepped back in and scolded me for it and took away my cell phone just for having the thought. Grumble.

    Can't wait to see it =)

  2. I know I made this suggestion, since I live in Florida, but then I just decided to hell with it, and bought a plane ticket, lol. I'll tell my husband to log on, though, and maybe he'll be able to see me waving hi to him.

  3. Very cool!

    I'll be sure to mention this appearance in my review of your book, which I expect will get posted either tomorrow or Friday. :)

  4. Wednesday morning 11am for Australia.