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Monday, January 16, 2012 gave us a holler

Hey, fun friends! First off, today is Gentle Rambo's birthday! (He's my bf, in case you didn't know -- read about his rippling abdominals in my book. Or, get the popular coffee table book Hot Guys and Baby Animals, in which Rambo is featured holding a baby goat. I'm not joking about this.) Everybody wish him a happy birthday in your minds and hearts and possibly bake a cake and eat it in his honor. We'll be devouring a massive, sugar-filled brunch at Norma's ("the best brunch in NYC!") in a couple of hours to celebrate.

Secondly,'s Steven Suskin mentioned Unnaturally Green in his most recent theater book roundup (we got a pic and everything!). Even though he admits to only paging through (but not reading the darn thing), it's cool to get another shout-out on a site as well-known and prestigious as Playbill. So, thank you, dudes!

Bye for now. Hug each other!


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