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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daniel Radcliffe is a baller

This past January 1, The Boy Who Lived ended his illustrious run in How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. (I didn't ever get a chance see him. Sad face.)

But -- get this -- according to, throughout 30 previews and 315 performances, D. Radz didn't call out once. Not once!

Pretty incredible.

For everyone except his understudy.

Broadway will miss you, D. Radz! Come back soon, preferably in a show that combines all your prior stage turns -- singing, horses, full-frontal. They could update War Horse for you: make it angsty like Equus while infusing it with Priscilla Queen of the Desert dance beats.

I would see that.



  1. That is incredible, but yeah...poor understudy. He should have thrown them a chance about once a month at least!

    I was a big Harry Potter fan, so when I heard he was doing Broadway I wondered how it would be...then I saw him on the Tony's last year and was blown away. I wish I had gotten the chance to see him as well. He certainly belongs in theatre.

  2. I found it pretty fascinating that they chose to close the show for a few days in July when D-Rad was doing Harry Potter stuff rather than go on with his understudy.

  3. One of the big reasons is probably because so many people would be so disappointed if they went to see the show and Dan Radcliff wasn't performing that night.

  4. Radcliffe is the best thing about this slow moving, familiar horror
    Of all the Harry Potter alumni, Daniel Radcliffe is probably in the most tenuous position now that the blockbuster franchise has ended it's decade long run.