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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Share the wealth (3 ways)

As of tonight, Christmas and Chanukah will both be over (sad face), but that doesn't mean the spirit of giving has to end. Here are three small ways to keep spreading cheer and greenness the world over.

1. Give to Kiva, a non-profit whose mission is to end global poverty. 

With the help of your donations, Kiva lends money to small businesses in developing countries -- a concept called microfinance. Maybe someone is looking to start a general store in Nicaragua, or a rice-selling business in the Philippines. Kiva's belief is that people will lift themselves out of poverty if given access to financing.

All of these businesses are looking for an extra boost to start earning on their own, and all it takes is a few U.S. dollars. The coolest part? Your donation is actually a loan: nine times out of ten, you'll earn back your investment. Which means you can then re-loan to more people in need. So $25 becomes $50, becomes $75, becomes $100 (and so on)...

Learn more here!

2. Pay for someone behind you at the drive-thru.

I love this idea, submitted by Amy, one of our readers. It's so simple, and yet I'd never thought of it.  It's like insta-good-karma.

Next time you're waiting at the drive-thru (as a New Yorker without a car, I'm practically nostalgic for this delightful suburban-y experience) and there's someone behind you, roll out some extra cash at the pay window and offer to cover the next car, too. It's easy and quick, and you can stay anonymous!

3. Enter the Unnaturally Green New Year's Giveaway!

To ring in 2012, I'll be giving away a signed and personalized copy of Unnaturally Green!

The only catch? You'll have to give it away (to someone who really wants it!).

If you'd like to enter, tell me who it is you want to give your copy of Unnaturally Green. Your neighbor who loves show tunes? Your cousin, who's never had a chance to see Wicked? Your fanatical aunt who can recite every one of Elphaba's lines?

Then, tell me about that person by (1) posting in a blog comment (below), (2) writing on the wall of the Facebook Fan Page, or (3) saying it in a tweet (be sure to include my twitter name, @feliciaricci, at the end).

One winner will be selected in the New Year. Anybody in the world can enter! (Yes, you can nominate yourself -- but the whole idea is to spread the greenness. Loophole: if you give the book away, your recipient can always lend it back...!)

Questions? Shoot me an email at felicia at feliciaricci dot com. Be sure to enter! (And tell your friends.)

Peace and love!


  1. Miranda Palumbo (the writer)December 28, 2011 at 6:26 AM

    My best friend Shayna and I have seen Wicked together more times than we can count! She and I have made a giant Wicked Grimmerie of our own and know every single things there is to know about Wicked (atleast what we can find on the internet and in every book concerning wicked). She was the one who told me about your book in the first place and I am forever grateful! Unfortunately, times are really tough for Shayna and her parents. Shayna had arm surgery in the beginning of the year and even though she's better now, it took a toll on her family! When she saw I got your book for Christmas, she was so happy and wished she could afford one for herself. It would really make her so happy if she got one that was personalized for her!

  2. Hey look, that's me up there in your blog post!! Ahem, anyway...

    I would give the book to my mom. I've gifted my original Unnaturally Green book to a friend and ordered another. If I won your signed copy, well, I'd probably keep that one for myself - but I would give my current copy of Unnaturally Green to my mom. This year was my second time to see Wicked and I took my mom - it was her first time and she loved it!

    I told her about this book and she said she'd be interested in reading it...but it takes her a very long time to finish a book and I just don't want to part with mine for that long! She needs her own copy =)

  3. Hello!
    So my younger sister, Rowan, is a big Wicked fan along with me (of course). In March I have two tickets to go see Wicked when the tour comes here. I've been trying to convince my parents to just let Rowan and I go, but since I'm under 18 they are very unsure about it. I know that my sister, who knows all the lyrics to Popular and can do the hair flip at me whenever I have performances, would love a book that took her closer to Wicked when she has yet to be able to go. Who knows, maybe the awesome good luck from getting an awesome good book will spread into letting her come with me to see Wicked?
    Thanks! :)

  4. Hey!
    The person that I would love to give this book to is my older sister, Marissa. Four years ago, my father was fired from his high paying job at a Target in Clay, New York. Since then financial and family emotional issues have been repeating over, and over, and the only thing that seems to get my sister and I by is musical theatre. Marissa is also a vivid reader, spending most of her time listening to show tunes and reading a good book, even Hamlet. In the weeks before Christmas, she showed interest in this novel, and my parents said they'd do their best. As a fan of the show, and a fan of literature, she was disappointed to not see it under the tree Sunday morning... So I saw this and thought it would be amazing if she could even have a copy, but a signed copy might make her life! I hope you consider her as an option :)

  5. I am halfway through your book & during the holidays have been visiting my sister who also began the book. She is very disappointed that I am leaving with book in tow. We are both die hard wicked fans & avid lottery goers. I know she would absolutely love her own signed copy.
    (I'm loving the book btw! Very humorous & it's great to get an insight to what goes on behind the scenes!)

  6. Thanks for all the awesome comments so far! You can keep nominating people through midnight on 12/31. Keep 'em comin'!

  7. I met my friend Katie at the local pool over the summer and we immediately hit it off. Not long after we met, I found out she was a huge musical fan and Wicked was one of her favorites. But she hasn't seen the show before and me on the other hand is at 9 times into seeing it. She has a passion for reading and I recommended the book to her back when you announced you were working on a memoir. She would totally be like me and have it read in 3 days. ;)

  8. My friend Casey deserves a copy of your book for many reasons. First of all she has seen Wicked more times than anyone I know. In fact, her nickname in high school was "Little Cheno" because she's basically a younger version of Kristin Chenoweth. However probably the most important reason I'm nominating her is because she has stayed so strong through all of the obstacles she has had to face recently. She has been legally blind since she was born (glasses, contacts, and surgery don't help her) due to a form of albinism. Despite this she has found a passion for theater, and when she's on stage no one can tell anything is wrong. She has a beautiful voice, brilliant comedic timing, and a stage presence like that of someone on Broadway. However her struggles have continued this year. She was diagnosed with a condition called HPS, which is something only people with her form of albinism can have. It can cause extremely bad issues with the person’s lungs, but luckily Casey is doing fine as far as that is concerned, but this wasn’t the last thing Casey has had to deal with this year. She found out a couple weeks ago that her mom has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and she will have to undergo chemo. I would love to be able to give her a signed copy of Unnaturally Green because she is a huge Felicia Ricci fan, and I really feel like it would help Casey get her mind off of everything that is going on. Casey has helped me through more than I could ever express. I’d love to do something nice for her to let her know I’m here for her and that I am so thankful to have as my best friend.

  9. Hi, Felicia!
    The person that I want to nominate to win your signed copy of "Unnaturally Green" is my best friend, Quenton. Every aspect about him is phenomenal, and I'm saying this with no bias at all. He is extremely gifted in the fine arts. He lives in Branson, Missouri (you know, the place where every inch of the streets is occupied by some sort of theatre), and he has performed in several professional shows there. Apart from acting, he is a spectacular pianist; when he sightreads music, it sounds exactly as if he'd been practicing for ages. When he doesn't act in shows, he plays first piano in the orchestra for other productions. Also, at the age of only fifteen, he's been assistant music director for a couple of musicals. I'm telling you all of this because they all bundle together to form his main dream: becoming a musical theatre lyricist and composer. Quite literally, a virtual Stephen Sondheim. Anytime he's at home, he's constantly writing either entire musicals of his own or songs for piano. Having had the privilege of hearing his music and reading his scripts, I can say with one hundred percent confidence that this is no childish, simplistic goal. His work is astounding for a person of his age. The reason I want him to receive a signed copy of your memoir is because I believe that it will be a boost to his self-esteem. He often doubts himself and his abilities, and I think that the message inside the book and perhaps in the personalization of your autograph is the perfect thing he needs to remind himself that nothing and no one can stop him from achieving his ultimate goal.

  10. Hey Felicia,
    I love love LOVE your book and have been telling everyone who'll listen that they should read it!
    I am a Wicked fan from Down Under and have seen the show 11 times here in Australia. In January I am going to Singapore to see Wicked (featuring the Australian cast) another 6 times!
    I would love to keep the signed copy of your book for myself, but take the copy I already own with me to Singapore to leave with my favourite ensemble member, Gretel Scarlett. Gretel plays the Witch's mother and understudy to Nessa Rose and has recently become the Elphie understudy for the Asia tour. I'm sure she could relate quite well to your memoir and perhaps gain a few tips and extra insights!


  11. I would like to nominate my music teacher, Mrs. Turner, to win the signed copy of your book. She is not only the music teacher at my school, but she's also our perdorming arts' club director. She has helped me grow vocallyso much in the past year. I started off scared to sing with my head voice for fear of my peers laughing at me, but she helped me overcome this fright. Furthermore, she is a huge fan of Wicked and loves theatre with a passion. She also loves helping and watching her students succeed. I hope you consider Mrs. Turner for receiving your book.

  12. Hi Felicia!
    I would like to nominate my best friend Hallie to receive a copy of Unnaturally Green! Hallie is the sweetest person I know and always is looking after others instead of herself. She is a huge wicked fan and we constantly sing the songs together with her singing Glinda and me singing Elphaba. Not only is Hallie a huge fan of Wicked and theatre in general, Hallie loves the subject of English. She is goin off to college next year to peruse her dream of being and English teacher. One of the amazing things about Hallie is that she discovered her passion for teaching while tutoring kids at a school for less fortunate inner city children. She constantly tells me about here kids and how much she loves being able to help them learn. I would love to give Hallie a copy of Unnaturally Green to help her start building her library of books for her future classroom. She is such a wonderful friend and person in general, and would enjoy the book very much!

  13. Hannah(the one who lives near Hugh jackmans trombonist)December 31, 2011 at 8:08 PM

    This nomination may be very short in comparison.

    I would like to nominate the cantor at my temple to receive a copy of your book. She recently saw wicked, and she thought it was amazing(I saw it 2 years ago and I finally convinced her to go see it). Last week she got engaged to her boyfriend of at least two years and I think this would be a perfect congratulatory gift. She has a great Libby-esque bubbliness about her, and is always welcome to my constant sharing of funny videos of laughing babies, crazy dogs and what-have-you. Within six months of her giving me some vocal guidance during choir rehearsal, I was able to steal the show(if I do say so myself) with a performance of Wiz and I (what else) at my school's talent show. With her amazing sense of humor and positive personality, I think this book would mean a lot to her.