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Friday, December 2, 2011

Nonsensical tagging: a retrospective

Tagging blog posts is a useful practice: it helps your readers sort through your articles and search engines categorize your site. Despite my knowledge of its importance, I've freely persisted in tagging all my posts nonsensically and in completely un-helpful ways.

Behold! My ten least helpful article tags! 

All ten of the following phrases I deemed logical post categories. As in, popular phrases that you could use to sort more than one article. (Click on them to visit the corresponding article(s)!)

1. amnio fluids
2. astronauts
3. baby's daddy
4. bribery
5. chemistry 4-eva
6. hygiene is obsolete
7. sash machines
8. never eat at jay's cheesesteak
9. complete useless post
10. crazed nutsos

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