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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! Here is a song medley

In 2005, my younger sister Tessa and I wrote a 38-song medley while touring Ireland in the back seat of a van. Being surly teenagers with no attention span, we were bored by the miles and miles of countryside, and so decided the best way to amuse ourselves was to string together songs from all genres in a seamless though nonsensical flow.

Our only rules? No musical transition could be forced, and all had to garner approval by the Medley Board (me and Tessa).

Six years later, and we're still making medleys, even on Christmas. Here is our latest. We filmed it in one take, using no notes. Enjoy!


  1. 800-588-2300!!!! I burst out with that all the time!

  2. Loved the Seussical reference! And of course Wicked and RENT, too. And Lion King. And Les Miz. And countless others!