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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wicked Day Contest!

In honor of Wicked Day (October 30) the UNNATURALLY GREEN fan page is holding a contest!

Here's how to participate:

All day today (until 12 A.M. PST), if you recommend UNNATURALLY GREEN on Facebook or tweet about it on Twitter, you'll be entered automatically! (Be sure to included @FeliciaRicci at the end (not beginning) of your tweet and/or tag Unnaturally Green in your Facebook post.)

*The more you talk about UNNATURALLY GREEN, the better your chances! Yep: every time you post, your name will be re-entered!*

Prizes: 1) a signed and personalized Felicia Ricci headshot; 2) a signed GREEN BABY bookmark (check out the designs here); 3) $10 gift certificate to

Now, go forth and (unnaturally) GREENIFY!


  1. Saw Wicked yesterday after having finished your book last week. I was watching for all the little details and resisted telling my seatmates things like "Hey, did you know that's a lemon zest lunabar?" or "Did you know she directs the orchestra with her broom right there?" or "Did you know that scream is pre-recorded?" or...well, you get the point.

    I did think of one more question (which is amazing because I think you've covered everything!)

    The scene where Dorothy "melts" it really acted out behind the curtain or is it also pre-recorded and just displayed on the white curtain?

  2. Hannah the giant red panda dragonNovember 2, 2011 at 3:41 AM

    Heyyyyyyy...... I still didn't get my bookmark from the first contest! I live in NY like Felicia so why didnt it get 2 me earlier?

  3. Because the bookmarks had to be printed and shipped and only arrived yesterday, because free stuff takes some time. Because patience is a virtue.

  4. Hannah the giant red panda dragon(don't ask)November 4, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    Ok hopefully I will get it soon. I have less ants in mah pants now.

    Thanks for replying 2 my comment! Sorry if I seemed ungrateful! I already have plans to laminate/protect/show off my green baby that nobody can mess with.