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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Slinging it to #1 on Amazon Kindle!

Since Amazon's Kindle Store ranks books based on genre, today I learned that Unnaturally Green has reached #1 in the Broadway and Musicals category! (...and #25 in the general Theater category!)

Thank you to all who have left reviews on Amazon and helped spread the word so far! The book's overall ranking hovers around 14,500 (out of nearly a million books on Kindle) -- but since I'm a dreamer, I think we can keep climbing, no? 

Also: did I mention I'm *so* excited for tomorrow's online release party? So much fun stuff to share! Be sure to join me on Twitter for all the announcements as they happen. Have a happy Thursday!



  1. Update! At its peak yesterday, Unnaturally Green was #1 in Broadway and Musicals, #1 in theater, and #61 in all memoirs! Excitement-town!

  2. Update! Today it reached #57 in memoirs, and #3991 overall!