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Friday, September 30, 2011

How To Belt Really High (the F in "Defying Gravity")

**UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE! 11-3-13** I have just released a comprehensive online belting course called Belt Your Face Off! With 26 videos and nearly 4 hours of content, this course teaches you everything you need to know about belt singing. Click here for more info (and a special 20% discount!).

Below are two video excerpts from the course. The first is the short promo vid designed for the general public, and the second is the introduction to the actual course itself, where I tell you a bit more about what's in store. Please watch them if you're curious! Or don't watch them! You can literally do whatever you want!

Are you interested? Click here to enroll!

Now, on to "Defying Gravity!" Many of you posted totally rad comments on my Elphaba Belting Tips video -- one of which was a question: Any advice on belting the high F in "Defying Gravity?"

Behold! I answered in a video!

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