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Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's been so long, OMG!

T.S. Eliot votes April, but I say May is the cruelest month. Why? First, midway through, I completed my twenty-fifth year on this spherical hovercraft known as earth. Consequently, I dabbled in my version of a quarter-life crisis. Where I was like, "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF IT ALL" while eating tons of corn chips and chocolate turtles.

Why else is May cruel? Because I haven't had time to blog, y'all! I've been busy doing all kinds of rando things, like buying rain boots, and questioning my life's purpose.

But here's the good news! I will post soon! And, mailing list subscribers, I'll be sending a new Unnaturally Green excerpt your way oh-so-shortly, as well as an in-the-works video that's kind of wild, but hopefully entertaining (and informative)!

To wrap up this exercise in pointlessness, here is a picture of me, right now:

Caption: "Yo, my face is basically a different color than my body maybe because of the flash but also because I'm abnormally pale"



  1. 1. hope you had a happy birthday! (haha! another social network on which i get to tell you!)

    2.looking forward to the UG excerpt! glad to hear it is coming along!

    3. chocolate turtles rock

    4. T.S ELLIOT! YAY!

    5. No video from you is NOT entertaining

    6. don't worry whether your blog has a point or not; I will enjoy reading it anyway :). besides, it can't be more pointless than some parts of this comment.

    keep on rockin!



  2. I love that even though San Francisco was, uh, not your favorite place, you're flashing a West Coast represent sign. Nice.

  3. Thanks for your return to posting! The cloudy weather has increased my need for some Feliciashine. Please know that your witty words have magic powers...