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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Regarding Memoir Writing

Sup! Somebody named Anon Y. Mous posted a great comment on my latest excerpt that I thought was worth answering in a new post.

Q: "I don't mean to question your morals or honesty, but is this legal? the people who own wicked are really hard-ass when it comes to copyright stuff. did you have to pay to get approval?"

A: Great question, Anon. Indeed, I've been in touch with the super cool folks at Wicked, and they know about Unnaturally Green and its unnaturally green (as in "first-time") author (me!). In any event, memoir writing is legal, because each individual owns the rights to his or her own story. The rule is: if it's true and it happened to you, you can write about it. Otherwise we would live in a censored society! (No free speech, and whatnot. Yikes.)

The tricky part would be if a memoir contains slander or defames any person or organization that might falsely portray them in a negative light. But Unnaturally Green is not about mud-slinging, gossip, or huge "reveals" about how things "really" are: it's a story about one girl's personal, hopefully funny, (totally true!) journey under strange and unusual circumstances -- which, due to real-life events and happenings -- takes me backstage of Wicked in San Francisco.

Thanks for the question!


  1. I must admit I was wondering about this myself! Thanks for clearing it up. :)

  2. "But Unnaturally Green is not about mud-slinging, gossip, or huge "reveals" about how things "really" are"
    Humph! Well, I'm out'ta here, then!

  3. Bettie! Not constructive!

    I meant, like, I don't falsify stuff for the sake of intrigue and controversy. There are certainly "reveals" in that I "reveal" info. Just not like "gotcha!" reveals. Like, surprise! I actually had to drink gasoline every day to make my voice work! And everyone is actually an alien! AAAAH! (Note: Neither of these things is true. To my knowledge.)

  4. I was wondering about this too! Thanks for the explanation. Can't wait to read the book!

  5. Funny, Joseph and I were discussing this JUST LAST NIGHT (were your ears burning?). I was like, don't the Wicked people own her soul or something regarding How Things Work, since they're so restrictive on things like witch-switch photos and stuff?

    So thanks for getting inside our heads (creepy much?) and addressing that. Eagerly awaiting the book.

  6. You're beautiful, talented, creative, artistic, witty, clever, engaging...AND clairvoyant???!!?

  7. I learned about slander in civics class! I actually know what that means! Hehehehehe....