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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shameless sap and ANNOUNCEMENT!

Dear totally awesome followers of this blog,

First off, can I just take out my virtual hanky for a second and wipe some virtual happy tears? Thank you ALL for the support you've given me both on this blog and lately with the announcement of my behind-the-scenes memoir. It is astonishing how fricking cool all of you are. I love your enthusiasm, and passion for the arts, and for humor, and for voicing your opinions.

I spearheaded my memoir project because I wanted to stay connected to all of you, and deliver a personal story that might just be worthwhile enough for you to read. The project represents hours upon hours of work -- the culmination of many dreams of mine, each merging into one, lasting, exuberant expression of who I am. And I am so grateful that you've leaned in to listen. Now, more than ever, I have such a clear sense of who my audience is: the curious, inquisitive, hungry, appreciators of theater, of humor, and of creativity. From little kids who dream big to grown-up kids who never stopped, I say to you all, "HELLO! AND THANKS!"

So, catch phrases and taglines aside, if you asked me, "Fel! What is this book really about?" I would say: it's about you guys.

Corny? Nah.

Honest? Definitely.

Okay. Hanky going away.

For now.

Also, hankies are unsanitary, so next time I am going to use a tissue.

In any event, I am pleased to announce that soon -- as soon as this very night! (...or tomorrow, if I can't get my shiz together) -- I'm going to disclose my memoir's official title, along with more info on where you can find (regularly updated!) excerpts and other little goodies.

In the meantime, if you haven't joined my outrageously cool mailing list, be sure to do so here!

Talk soon!

P.S. Yesterday, March 30, marked the one-year anniversary of my Elphaba debut!


  1. March 30, eh? I believe I was in attendance, but it hurts my brain to think back that far. I do remember it as a triumph.
    I hope, you will have a chapter in the book about the importance of the banana code.

  2. You rock so much! I can't wait for...everything. Thank you<3

  3. I knew that! Yesterday was also my friend's sixteenth birthday! She also reads this blog sometimes.

    I'm so excited that you're restarting this blog, Felicia. I'm really into musical theater AND writing, and you're such an inspiration to me. And I love Wicked too. ;)

  4. Can't wait FR! Love your humour!

  5. EXCITED! I think I may make your book required reading/ a textbook for my class.

  6. I AM fricking cool! (Just kidding... maybe.)

    We are one big happy family of little felicia fans. Felicians.
    And now we have a book. We are fancy.
    You're great.

  7. So what's it called when you lead us over to Five-Trick Pony, then drop a bomb on us and say hey, losers, I'm back posting on the old forver-gone unnaturally green blog and you don't know about it? Humpf! I'm miffed. But I'll probably still buy your book. . . . .

  8. Anonymous, no! Both this blog and Five-Trick Pony will go on to live long, fruitful, blog lives! Unnaturally Green (the blog) will be more of the main hub for my behind-the-scenes of WICKED memoir, whereas Five-Trick Pony will be an "anything goes" type deal -- as it's always been -- wherein I spew all manner of drivel and try to make you laugh. And also tell you some useful stuff. Sometimes.

  9. Unnaturally Green would be a kick-ass name for your memoir if it wasn't already taken by your blog... or is it? What do I know anyway... hehehe! Incidentally, I was delighted to stumble upon excerpts of your memoir when I clicked that "Learn More" link below the Elphababy. Looking forward to the full-blown one.

  10. Your excerpts are intoxicating, O Inimitable Elphaba! I can't wait to get my little munchkin hands on your book...

  11. I agree with Bettie, the banana code was very important. It held quite a lot of significance and excitement (and sometimes disappointment when we learned we couldn't make it) for us fans.