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Monday, October 11, 2010

On The Audition (capitalized)

Last week I polled the audience about what I should sing at an upcoming audition. In true Felicia fashion, I abandoned all logic and decided to do something entirely different.

But this post is not about that, it's about the terrifying beast we call The Audition. And I'm going to capitalize it right there to make it intimidating.

Auditions stink. This much we know. But, in my opinion, the key to retaining sanity while being an ALE (Actor Looking for Employment (that's not an official acronym, I made it up)) is to cultivate a regard for auditions that straddles enthusiasm and apathy.

Why? One should be enthusiastic when it comes to preparations. Meaning: do the best you can. Given the time and resource limitations, this doesn't always mean you can memorize your audition sides, hire a private coach and learn a host of new music perfectly. But it means you can strive to do something like it. And, depending on the project and how excited you are about it, you can work hard to fall somewhere within the prepared-to-super-prepared end of the spectrum.

But -- and here's where the apathy part comes in -- actors go on a ton of auditions. To put all your actorly eggs in one audition basket more often than not leads to disappointment. So it's best to maintain a healthy emotional distance when going in for an initial audition, but then to rally the troops when it's time for a callback. At least that's my take on it.

(What's a callback? Callback comes after the audition. You're called back in to get a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) look because the creative team sees potential in you.)

So, in order to maintain a healthy emotional distance, I've decided not to disclose the details of last week's audition. Because, whatevs, it was just an audition (<-- apathy, Figure A). I did the best I could -- given my limitations. I didn't hear anything back but, here's the fun part: a lot of times you'll audition, nothing will happen, but later on down the line something new and cool will come of it (<-- residual enthusiasm, Figure B).

In truth, part of my staying mum is out of superstition... maybe if I leave it alone, it will boomerang back to me later on? I'm playing hard to get with the Universe.



  1. thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. not being sarcastic or anything, i'm serious. I feel like this information will serve me later in life. thank you.

  2. Good luck with your audition, Felicia!! I'm rooting for you :D

  3. I've only had one audition in my entire life. I knew I would not get the part, so I had fun and was silly and left caution to the wind....GOT THE PART! 12th Night...I had to wear tights! That was the hard part! I still remember some of my lines. Perhaps in my next life......
    Have to go pack.
    See you on the mean streets of NYC in one week.