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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I started taking film/TV acting lessons

I think this video best summarizes the philosophy behind on-screen acting. Just substitute "act" for "surf."


  1. It's a good skill to have, i guess, but you totally belong on the stage in my opinion!

  2. Hi! Just to say that I really love your blog (and unnaturally green), really have skills for writing!!! I wish I could have seeing you onstage but, yay, I'm from Spain, quite a long trip... haha.
    Hope everything is going great in NYC, will keep reading!! (Btw, sorry for my not so good english (it isn't thaaaaat bad!! haha) but as the divided country spain is, our politicians think that a language only spoken by 800.000 people is way more important than another that's actually useful...))