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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Evil links that I do not endorse but shall nevertheless relay to you, out of journalistic impartiality

Big news: I've decided to quit being insane and actually utilize the "label" functionality provided by Blogger, something I have heretofore eschewed as nonsense and used only in a nonsensical fashion (like by labeling my articles as "wiping my nose" or "I am a baby").

I would thus like to introduce to you the "resource" label, something which will be applied to all posts that might be (you guessed it) a resource -- i.e. helpful to youngsters (or oldsters, who am I to judge) and up-and-coming actorly folk who want to learn about the nuts-and-bolts of showbiz. Yesterday's post, for example ("Some of your questions, answered.") expounded on some terms that a few of my readers had asked me to clarify. Thus, it has been labeled a "resource" at the bottom of its text. NEAT-O! I will eventually cull these articles from the rest of the blog, post them onto a single page, and make them available as an easy-to-access link on the sidebar of Five-Trick Pony's homepage. In the meantime, simply click on the "resource" label wherever you see it, and Blogger will automatically bring forward all articles labeled thusly. In the span of one paragraph, I have used "thus" or some derivation thereof three times, not including this sentence. I feel ashamed, and exhilarated.

(Admittedly, I probably won't be able to contain myself and will still contribute a smattering of nonsensical labels, so you'll have to look out for them. It will be like Where's Waldo, except much easier and less fun, and when you find the labels, they won't resemble every man I ever dated from high school through college.)

Anyway. The post you are reading now is labeled as a "resource," because I'm going to provide you with something illegal (and AWESOME), that happens to be a -- say it with me -- "RESOURCE."

On the record: free sheet music is evil and terrible and kills baby seals and deprives writers of their due compensation. And is free. And awesome.

So in case I get in trouble for posting links to free sheet music sites (WHICH I'M NOT) I'm going to hyperlink-ify text, and you, my little detectives, must figure out what's on the other end.

Click here for pictures of Tom Selleck horseback riding.
Sign up for potato-throwing lessons from Elizabeth Taylor.

Thank me later.



  1. Felicia you ROCK. I needed "potato-throwing lessons" badly. Gracias!

  2. Thanks for the potato-throwing lessons! I didn't know Liz still had full usage of her arms!

    That's terrible. Sorry. hehehe. :D

  3. Tom Selleck on horseback - resourcefully amazing!