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Friday, September 10, 2010

That's all, folks!

Here it is: my last Unnaturally Green post EVER. Like most endings, especially those conceived by M. Night Shyamalan, mine will be, at best, mildly entertaining, at worst complete drivel, but, prevailingly, just kind of strange, disappointing, and self-referential.

I was reluctant to embrace a Blogberry send-off, and so I promised a Final Days Retrospective. After further inspection, however, I realized that my penultimate post ("I Am Not A Sentimental Man") rather did the Time-To-Wrap-It-Up trick, didn't it? Adding more to that would be like adding, I don't know, extra grated cheese to macaroni and cheese (which I do, by the way, but that doesn't make it dignified or healthy).

So my farewell stands! The final days of WICKED were very meaningful and gave me great closure, but at the same time, they were not reflective of the totality of the experience. That's the funny thing about goodbyes: they're compressed versions of all the stuff that already existed, so they always come up, well, short. And for this reason they're both affirming and disappointing, filled with nostalgia for the magic and the mundane, and with sorrow for never being able to recreate it all.

But, who am I trying to be, some two-bit philosopher? Nah, it's not my style. How about some lighter fare? I designed farewell cards for everybody in the cast and thought you might get a little-bitty kick out of them:
So that happened and was fun.

Oh yeah! This is the almost-most important part! I'm starting a new Blog, all about my New York City adventures! Here is a prototype of the site's header. Its title is "Five-Trick Pony," which is inspired by my favorite quotation, as uttered by the illustrious Amy Winehouse: "I'm not a one-trick pony. I'm at least a five-trick pony." Header below (click to enlarge)! 

As soon as the Blog is up and running, I will activate the above header as a hyperlink that will take you directly there.

That just about covers everything, doesn't it? 

Remember: this isn't really the end for us! (...because there always could be an M. Night Shyamala-nian twist where you realize that this Blog has been written backwards, and every time you read it you time travel, and also that my skin really is green, and every time I go on as Elphaba they wipe away the human skin to uncover the true green color behind it, like the Joker in the original Batman, except not at all, and to top it off I am a homicidal tree.)

Heck, no twists for me. Let's be straightforward: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for following Unnaturally Green. It's been my pleasure, and I hope you'll stick around for Five-Trick Pony adventures.

Love to you all!

Bye bye for now,


  1. We miss you and your castmates so much, but all the best to you in your upcoming zany NYC adventures. Thanks for sharing your talents on- and offstage with us.

    You'll be with us like a handprint on our hearts.

  2. thank you, Felicia. thank you for everything.

  3. Thanks Felicia! Look forward to your next adventure and pony's :)

  4. I bow to the best Elphaba that there...ever is or was!
    And I look forward to all of your future "tricks!" YES!

    Lisa P From the SF show

  5. Felicia, thanks again for a marvelously entertaining read! I'm looking forward to "Five Trick Pony" :)

    All the best,

  6. You kept the original title for the new blog - I love it! Plus this last UG post brought me a smile as always ("and to top it off I am a homicidal tree").

    I agree with what Chris said about missing you and your castmates, but like Glinda said with sadness, "She'll have to manage without you. We all will..."

    I feel privileged to have watched you perform in Wicked and off stage. Thank you for your beautiful singing and passionate portrayal of Elphaba.

    I hate goodbyes, so instead I'll say farewell and I wish you Ozspeed until we meet again.

  7. Aww, I was hoping I could see you as Elphie before the SF production closed! Alas, I live too far :( But I am sure that you'll land an awesome role in NY! Maybe you'll even get to play Elphaba there... Thank you for all the insight into Wicked, and everything else in general. I'll miss you :)

  8. Thanks for this blog, Felicia :D
    You have been amazing updating, and taking the time to write all of this for all us Wicked superfans! 8)

  9. Thank YOU, Felicia, for taking us on this journey. And what a journey! The best part of this post was the "wiping away of the human skin to uncover the true green color behind it". hehe! Loved the cards! So, of course, it's not goodbye. Looking forward to more adventures on Five Trick Pony. Best wishes in everything you do!

  10. Thank you for such a wonderful blog, this journey has been fun with you :)

    I still hope to see you as Elphaba one day! And I'm excited to read about your new adventures!

  11. You are amazing Felicia, thanks for such a fantastic blog. I am looking forward to the next one! So excited to see you do great things in the future!

  12. Thanks for be just like you are

  13. Thank you Felicia for this blog. Here's to hoping your green days aren't over and you will do Wicked again one day. :)

  14. I only recently found your blog (really can't remember how) and I have cracked up at your sense of humor and have enjoyed hearing about your adventures in Wicked. I'm sad I didn't get to see you as Elphaba---maybe living on the east coast has something to do with that. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures!

  15. Thank you so much felicia! Sorry I never got to see you in all your Elphie glory! But that was never gonna happen seeing as I live in London ( I always envisioned taking a spur of the moment trip to the US, but obviously that was a complete fail). Make sure you come to London at some point- west end role? I have never seen you live but I sooo want to,all the clips I have seen of you are sooo good!! I loved following you in UG and look forward to the new blog! ella xxx

  16. Elphaba Lives! We've seen some green girls, but you made her live.

  17. I'm looking forward to reading your new blog Felicia!!! Although I find it deeply saddening that this one is in fact over :(

  18. So well written Felicia, just as always. You have a way with words that is just pure artistry. Thanks for sharing your voice, your humor, your thoughts, and all of the other gifts, as there are too many to mention. Best wishes!

  19. I'll always read your blog. I love your entertaining writing, amazing talent, and quirky personality. Good luck in New York! I'm going to be there summer 2011 so you better be in a kick ass show so I can see you perform.

  20. Thanks, Felicia, for sharing your life on- and off-stage with us, your loyal blog readers. It has truly been wonderful to tag along with you...albeit from a distance...on your wickedly amazing journey. Best of luck back in NYC...I'm sure we'll see your name in lights in no time!

    I look forward to hearing about the next path in your journey on Five Trick Pony!

  21. In reference to M. Night Shyamalan:
    "I see green people!"

    NYC, here we both come. I will not stalk you (can't promise the same for Marshall...those arms!)

  22. felicia- thank you for all you've given! like rodhi... i feel priviledge to have seen you perform as elphaba with such passion through your beautiful singing voice. and getting to know you through your blog has been so much pleasure - you're so funny, intelligent, and witty, to name a few. good luck to you in whatever you do. i too hope to see you perform again, sometime soon.

  23. I just found out about this blog, maybe a month ago. So I have been trying to catch up here and there. I have loved it! I will continue to catch up until I am totally caught up!!

    Maybe somewhere you wrote how this cast came to be in San Francisco to replace everyone just a couple of months before it was to end? I don't know. I'll have to wait and see . . . but it's interesting to know why that happened.

    I saw Wicked for the first time in LA in 2006. Then this last July in SF. I thought Elphaba didn't really deliver a very good performance and told my daughter, Heather, at intermission. I thought the Elphaba from LA did a much better job. She then told me it was the same person!! So maybe she was just tired of the role?

    Then Heather told me a new cast was coming to SF for the last month or so. So, of course, I said, "We have to go see it"!

    We saw it on August 26th. Heather, a die hard Wicked fan, went crazy! She LOVED this performance the best. She thought the actors did such an amazing job. They performed the show, but did it with their own twist on the character.

    It would have been nice to see YOU! Maybe another time, huh? Thanks so much for your blog and I will get through every single post!

    Thanks! Cheri Brown

  24. I really miss this wonderful blog! This was my go-to for wit, vicarious excitement, adventure, keen perception flawlessly expressed, and giggling. Please begin Five Trick Pony soon (no pressure!), for the withdrawal symptoms are starting to exhibit...
    Your Faithful Blog (ANY blog!) Reader

  25. Thank you for your blog. What's funny is that I only found this by stating my review on your very first half-performance on my own blog. Seeing the show everyday as an usher was beyond wonderful and an experience to remember. I'm really glad that you will continue to write because besides telling the inside scoop on your time as Elphaba, you also revealed what an incredible write your are. So yes, I will definitely be excited for next writing extravaganza. :D Good luck in New York on your future theatrical endevours!