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Monday, September 6, 2010

I Am Not A Sentimental Man

But I have occasionally been known to be a sentimental woman. Unfortunately, I no longer have internet in my apartment and therefore have no way to thrust my inner thoughts and agenda onto the general internet public, except through Twitter, which simply will not suffice for a verbose madamoiselle like myself. But this morning, lo and behold, I remembered: I can blog via Blackberry! I can Blogberry!

But I refuse to deem a post that was typed by my weary thumbs on the unfurnished floor my very last, so I've decided that either later today or, more realistically, later this week, I will sit down and do a Final Days Retrospective. It might be really blubbering, or I might try to repress my feelings and just list facts like a court affidavit (yeah, I used to do Mock Trial, no I never had dates to school dances. JK! I had dates! If you count my gay best guy friends. But whatever, now my boyfriend is the ubermensch. High school dating scene retribution lemme hear you say HEYO! (Blogberrying is dangerous, as under normal computer-based circumstances I would edit out everything I just wrote, but on a tiny screen/keyboard, this is far too much effort.)).

So, anyway: WICKED closed last night, and it do I describe my feelings? Some folks asked me if I was sad, and I'd have to say no, but with a giant, multifaceted asterisk. I am sad insofar as something beautiful that was no longer is, and that's a huge loss to deal with. But WICKED closing also evokes so much positive emotion, as I think of all the lives it's touched here in SF. I know, from your letters and kind words at the stage door, to my own personal experience, that the story of WICKED is timeless, inspirational, cathartic, and quite universal, and I think I would be much sadder if its message had never been disseminated. But I'm thrilled to see firsthand how it has worked its magic on literally hundreds of thousands of people -- and I'm thrilled to have been a part of it.

Huh, I guess it is possible to be sentimental on a Blogberry.

More soon from me. Bottom line of this post? Thank you! Thank you, WICKED, thank you, amazing fans, thank you, universe, thank you, Mom and Dad, thank you everybody who came together to make this life-changing experience possible.

On the bright side: now I get to paint my nails any color I want. Today, I choose purple!

On another bright side: I will be releasing info about my sequel Blog (title, content summary, work-in-progress header) in the super-near future.

Okay. Sigh. See you soon, my friends. Same Unnatural time, same Unnaturally Green place. We've got a few more in us, right? Of course we do.


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  1. You all are great. I'm going to miss the SF production and I was only there to see it for one weekend.

    Looking forward to whatever you come up with next. =)

  2. I kind of want to cry reading this. Can't believe I never got to see you perform! *crossing fingers for Felicia Elphaba Revival on tour or on Broadway*

  3. Felicia,
    WICKED truly has touched so many people here, and we are all sad to see it leave :,( Everything you said about it is true. It's a truly magical production.

    You are such an uber fun person!! I'm so glad you let us in on your experience and all your fun facts :) It's been a pleasure! :)

    I wish you and everyone else in the cast, crew, etc. amazing luck in all of your future endeavors!!! You shall rock this world one day on the broadway stage!

    Until we meeta again, it was totes fun getting to know you! :)


  4. I am sooo upset I never got to see you perform! ( Not that I really would of living in London haha) But I sort of envisioned a spur of the moment holiday to the US where I would travel from New York to see the Broadyway and then to San Fran and Los Angeles. But that was a bit of a fail. PLEASE COME TO LONDON! I love your blog and love seeing you perform ( mostly over youtube I'm afraid) Would love to see you live- sorry I never saw you in such an amazing role. xxx

  5. I am soo sad I never got to see you in all your Elphie glory! Although it was never gonna happen really, seeing as I live in London ( I envisioned taking off in a spur of the moment hoiday to the US to see New York and then San Fran) That was a complete fail. Anyways, PLEASE COME TO LONDON! We would seriously love to have you! I love your blog and will continue to follow it, I think your amazing from the clips I have seen of you and would love to see you live! Gd luck and remember- LONDON xxx

  6. So sorry I never got to see you in all your elphie glory! Although it was never gonna happen seeing as I live in London ( I always envisioned some sort of spur of the moment trip to the US: first to Broadway and then to San Fran) But that was a complete fail. PLEASE COME TO LONDON WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU. I think you are amazing I have never seen you perform live, but I love your blog and over youtube your badass!

  7. Felicia,

    Forgive this long-winded response, but since Wicked and Unnaturally Green are coming to a close, I feel a sense of reflection and summation in the air. If there's a time for sentimentality, now is about as perfect as it's going to get.

    Your description of the totality of Wicked the Musical was so wonderfully accurate and concise, it made me choke up. It's heart-warming to know that you cast members get it, too; that it's not just a job. I would think that eight shows a week (on- or back-stage) comprise a rough schedule that could exhaust you or reduce your enjoyment to tedium. And there are some people who might just view it as a great career move.

    This SF run has truly been a magical moment for SO many people, even as it evolved through many cast changes. And I love your use of "multi-faceted," I think it's especially fitting to this production. Just to mention the female leads: Teal, Kendra, Vicki, Natalie, Angel, Alexa, Eden, Marcie, You, Libby, Alyssa, Carrie... all fantastic. Though it changed its face, no one who came to the Orpheum saw a poor show. Everyone including cast, dressers, makeup, stage crew, and musicians performed at a high level.

    And some members of the show reached out into the community as well, doing benefits like Defying Inequality and the Gay Pride events. Wicked's presence in SF was big, and it doesn't look likely to be replaced anytime soon.

    But I think it's important that you understand how important a role YOU played in our enjoyment of the show. You've become such a big part of our enjoyment of this phenomenon. It's an exciting new time where communication is so immediate and widespread, and you clearly see how to engage in it.

    You took us ALL backstage - not just a fortunate few - inside the inner workings of this fantastic production, and helped us further understand the brilliance of the creative team that put this together. All those wonderful mysterious magical fleeting details (that make repeat viewings both necessary and addictive!) explained - without their cleverness being diminished!

    And, equally important, you took us with you as confidants through on your personal journey and helped us experience the thrills, uncertainty, demands, stress, joys, and discoveries of a young theater pro. I hope you realize how precious that experience has been. And your wordsmithing and inventiveness only added humor and depth to the ride.

    Those who have seen the video about the birth of Wicked in SF and on Broadway know that the critics were not thrilled with Wicked. But in their arrogance they missed both the essential message at its core and the incredibly detailed staging that have carried that message to millions. And for us lucky enough to see this 'sit-down,' you have provided another whole dimension that the creators never envisioned. Wise as they were, I don't think they realized how much they got when they cast you. Thanks so much for that!

    And - fittingly, deservedly - you've made some fans for life. (Fel-fans? Or, like Jacqueline's Twickies, Fel-Riccis? Friccies? I'll let you riff on that...!) Of course, we all wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. Your talent, drive, and creativity will undoubtedly contribute to a rich and full career. Please continue to let us follow along. (And/or buy your used stuff on Craigslist...!)

    Jim H.

  8. My darling daughter,
    I am experiencing a plethora of feelings today on the opposite coast. I am thrilled to have you returning closer to us, yet, also yearning to experience, once again, your unparalleled magic as Elphaba. I, too, read your words today with some bittersweet reflection. You have both enlightened and lightened all of us by sharing your incredible story.
    The future holds magnificent journeys for you. I am so happy and proud to call you my daughter.
    With UNLIMITED love, ALWAYS,

  9. The energy at last night's show was amazing. Memories of doing theater in junior high where we would do a 3 show run, the final performance always had a bit more magic about it.

    Thanks for giving us a little peek into your WICKED world. ;)

  10. first, i'm so impressed by how u used your blackberry to blogberry. second, SF is already missing u all :( thanks thanks that u shared your talents with us and glad to be there to witnessed it. looking forward to your next project hope to see u in NY

  11. Hi, Felicia!
    Thanks for taking us along this journey with you. It has been a pleasure. In such a short time, you've become one of our favorite Elphabas. All the best to you in your future endeavors. Safe journey! ♥

  12. aaahhhhhhh.
    goodbyes are always the worst. it makes me want to cry. haha.
    my heart is always crying during goodbyes.

  13. I have been privileged to have this amazing show so close to my home and to have seen it so many times.

    I have been privileged that you have shared your part in the story through your amusing musings.

    I was privileged to be in the front row at the final show, caught up in the enthusiasm and energy and emotion of it all. It was truly a magical night, one that really felt mutually thankful.

    It was a delight having you here in SF, and I look forward to seeing the new and enchanting adventures you will share with us.

    Thank you!


  14. Hi Felicia,

    I've been following your blog for a while now and have often laughed out loud at the gems you create. (The video pastiche being but the most recent example of this). I've really enjoyed reading about your San Francisco fun times and will follow your new blog with joy!


  15. Thanks so much for everything you have done, Felicia. Thanks for letting us go on this journey with you via your blog. Can't wait to see what comes next for you. And I can't wait to see you perform live hopefully meet you one day. <3