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Friday, August 27, 2010

So, this happened, too!

I hope you've all been sufficiently delighted and/or weirded out by the video pastiche I posted two days ago. If you didn't think I was capable of such senseless tomfoolery, boy, weren't you surprised.

Related tangent for a hot second: Isn't my sister the Ultimate Bomb Digs? I wholeheartedly concur, tenfold, with all the nice things people have had to say about the Little Bonus Ricci. She is an extremely talented singer and performer, and also a genius, and also might be the best human ever to live. Stop me before I start to brag. In all seriousness, thanks for all the complimentary comments. We so appreciate your support! (And if you liked "A Thirty-Eight Song Medley," do send it along to your friends! Our goal is to take over the world, through the power of song.)

Okay, back to my favorite topic: Me. Allow me to direct you to an interview with Yours Truly (that's right, from now on I'm going to capitalize all references to Myself) that's just been featured on the WICKED News site Innuendo and Outuendo. It's basically a fun li'l summary of the content we've covered here on Unnaturally Green -- a retrospective, if you will. Which is apropos, in a sentimental way, because both WICKED San Francisco and my WICKED Blog are, well...going to DIE!

(From whence I shall be reborn in a new, invigorating, me-in-NYC-doing-theater-but-also-other-things Blog, whose title is yet to be announced. So be forlorn not! Many more hijinks are in our future!)

Anywho, click here to read my interview, or click on "Read More," as I'll paste the full text on my blog after the jump. Enjoy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fact of the Day #15

This post isn't going to be too thrilling for those of you who aren't super familiar with the show, but at the very end of WICKED, Fiyero re-emerges after the ensemble sings a brief reprise of "Good news, she's dead...the wickedest witch there ever was, the enemy of all of us here in Oz, is deeeeeead...." As he walks out there's a melody in the orchestra that is a deconstructed version of the Scarecrow's solo from "The Wizard of Oz," which is (although sans lyrics): "I could while away the hours." Eh? Eh? Stephen Schwartz, you're such a sasser.

At the very least, this post is a fine prologue to my next post, which will be about the time I sat in the orchestra pit for an entire show. Let me tell you, it's a jungle down there! And by "jungle" I mean "highly disciplined group of prodigiously talented people sitting in chairs, wearing black, and being unflinchingly attentive." If that doesn't scream jungle, I don't know what does.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another kind of witch switch

So some of you may have heard, or even seen in person, that this past Sunday night I went on as Elphaba midway through Act II. Elphaba swaps during the show are pretty rare, although not as rare as you'd think, and swaps during Act II are even rarer. Like, if Elphaba swaps in general are Portuguese Man-of-Wars, then swaps in Act II are Goblin Sharks. (<-- Isn't that the weirdest video you've ever seen?)

Recap time, wut wut! So. Where was I this past Sunday night during the evening show, you ask? I was at home, luxuriating on my couch, about to watch another riveting episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" (the suspense always kills me: WILL SHE FIND THE PERFECT DRESS?!?!?!). Nothing out of the ordinary there: on a regular night of work, I usually sign in and head back home, turn on The Learning Channel and pretend not to notice the numbing repetitiveness of all of their programs. And I am always reachable by phone if WICKED needs me.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fact of the Day #14

Bear with me. This one is a doozy.

I come from a family of five: my dad, my mom, my younger sister, my older brother, and me. My dad is Anthony and is a doctor, my mom is Patricia (and is also a doctor, but that's incidental to what I'm about to tell you), my sister is Tessa, I am Felicia. My brother's name isn't important. But it's Marcus, in case you wanted to know. That's the setup.

Here's the payoff:

Tessa (younger sis) and I basically memorized the score of WICKED growing up. In a moment of desperation and extreme boredom (second only to the time we spent nine days in the back of a van while touring Ireland's hypnotically underwhelming scenery, and so composed a 38-song medley that, to this day, we can recite from memory) we came up with a delightful familial homage by changing the lyrics to the following section of "No Good Deed":

"Nessa...Dr. Dillamond....Fiyero...FIYEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" (You know which part I'm talking about? Of course you do.)

Okay, those are the real lyrics. Here is our patented, Ricci-tastic version:

"Tessa....Dr. Anthony....Patricia....FELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICIAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" (Implicit is that it's older bro Marcus (not mentioned) who is singing.)

And that, my friends, is not really a Fact of the Day so much as another piece in the How Did Felicia Get to Be This Way puzzle.  Let's never speak of this again.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Live Blogging: Witch Switch 2010!

6:56PM Heyo, heyo, heyo. Writing from backstage at the Orpheum Theater, where Glinda Standby Libby Servais and I are gearing up for a little something we'd like to call,


That's right: Libby is getting into full Elphaba makeup / garb, and I'm going to try to squeeze into her tiny Glinda costumes. And we're going to take silly photos! What could be better? NOTHING.

I will update this post with live addenda as the night progresses.

Commencing... NOW!

9:24PM Okay, so I am really bad at live blogging. I guess it's hard to blog when you're actually, uh, doing stuff. But, no matter, here is a photo of the finished product!

[photos removed due to copyright]

Oh well. Photos had to be removed. But we have the memories. 

8/12/10 2:07AM I just reread this post and it wins the award for post with the greatest number of copouts. 

Fact of the Day #13

The dragon on the top of the proscenium is named Ozwald. I'm not sure if it's spelled with a Z or an S, and I have no idea who named it.

On a side note, my blog now has 100 followers! Yip!