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Thursday, July 22, 2010

September 5: Mi enemigo, mi amor

WICKED's San Francisco company will close on September 5. It is time to come to terms with the truth: my days here are numbered.

"Here" refers to many different spaces, physical and metaphysical: here in San Francisco, here in WICKED, here in Elphaba's (green) skin, here in the Blogosphere.

Will WICKED's closing mean the end of "Unnaturally Green," my blog?

Yes, I think so. It's sad, I know, but isn't life made more beautiful because we know we must die???

My final posts on "Unnaturally Green" will together strum a glorious swan song that is at once a surrender and an apotheosis, in which truth and beauty envelop the decay wrought about by time's tragic asymmetry and perform a mystical dance with death that is both contentious and erotic, like that scene between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas in "Zorro" where he rips her dress. (My blog is Antonio Banderas, and September Fifth is Catherine Zeta-Jones.)

But, what's better, I shall start anew! I have decided that I shall indeed continue to blog, this time about my adventures back in NYC. New thrills, new chills. So y'all best keep readin'!

Full unveiling of my next blog (name, content, goals) will come in the final week here in SF, but this is your first preview. It might be way weirder than "Unnaturally Green," because I will be in the throes of existential questioning and despair, but maybe not. It might actually have a bit of relevance, and photojournalistic flair.  Who knows!

Stay tuned for my next post, in which I shall, at long last, tell you about my Elphaba dresser, Kathleen Giordano, and how she is a heroine of the highest order (she literally wipes my nose sometimes).

Love always,


  1. you better had keep blogging :] they make me smile and are a really great read :] xx

  2. :( That was sort of sad... However, I'm soo glad you'll be continuing to blog! You had me worried. We willl miss all of you in San Francisco. September 5th will be a sad day :/ (couldn't end it with another :( so :) )

  3. Much as I love Unnaturally Green, I am willing to witness its demise with a newfangled blog in its place! As long as there is SOMEWHERE on the internet for you to show us crazed photos of yourself, we will be happy.

  4. No hope of a tour or anything for you? what about a private performance at my house in a polyester witch hat?

  5. I'll be sad to see the end of Unnaturally Green, but I'm looking forward to seeing what's next in store for you!

  6. Hi, Felicia!
    I came along this Wicked journey with you and will follow it to its natural end. It has been a blast! I'm glad that you will continue blogging. If by chance the Powers That Be sign you up for another Wicked company, will you resurrect Unnaturally Green?

  7. Love your bloggery and entertaining style. Please continue!! and thanks for all the cool posts so far :)

  8. It was really quite unkind of you to place an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH in between the statements of "ending Unnaturally Green" and "starting anew." My heart was VERY SAD during those 8 or 10 seconds that it took me to read that paragraph. (I feel that I must use LOTS OF CAPS to emphasize my DESPAIR.) But now that I am assured of continued bloggage I'm beginning to recover from the trauma. Enjoy your final weeks at Wicked, and thank you so much for continuing to take us along for the ride!

  9. Felicia, your BLOG is just like watching WICKED for the first time and this entry was totally reminiscent of For Good and the Finale. Although the future is uncertain, I am so happy and relieved that your BLOG will live on. If you desire to continue being Green I am positive there will be more Elphaba in your future, if you need a glowing (phosphorescent) reference, I and anyone who has seen you perform will gladly start writing! Thanks so much! :0)

  10. I am sad Unaturally Green is coming to an end, but glad to see you will continue blogging. September 5th is around the corner, and it will be a sad time. But hopefully you will find another Wicked production to go to and will start this one back up again???? ;)

  11. Wicked Sydney is closing September 26th (was supposed to be Sep 12th but was pushed back two weeks!) and that is going to be a very sad night as a fan so I can only begin to imagine how it will be for you. Good luck Felicia go kick some arse!

  12. I'm so sad this awesome blog must come to an end. I am even sadder that Wicked is closing in September. Now all the taxis and billboards say "Final Months." It's depressing. I'm very glad that you will continue blogging, and who knows, maybe you'll join a different Wicked company and start this up again! It could happen, right?
    By the way, your voice is amazing. I saw you perform at the Apple Store in San Francisco. I'm sad that I never got to see you as Elphaba. I've already seen the show 7 times (just in the last year or two), so my next (and last, for a while) will be September 5th. I'm hopeful that eventually I will see you starring in some other big, awesome production! Goodbye for now! Continue blogging!!

    Wow, that was a really long comment. :)

  13. Just saw your performance tonight (last night?, it's 1am now). Amazing job! It was my 6th time seeing the show in SF (all within 13 months). Also enjoying browsing though your blog. :)

  14. You are an inimitable Elphaba! For those of us who have been fortunate enough to witness the magic, this passage is VERY difficult.
    Rest assured, you have acquired legions of ardent fans. Among them is yours truly, present from your earthly debut!
    With everlasting love and pride,
    Momphaba XOXOXO

  15. While I am deeply saddened that this blog/Wicked SF are coming to an end, I am SO excited that you will be back in NYC!I can FINALLY see you perform. And I'll still work on the producers of Wicked Broadway....

  16. thank you for all the enjoyment
    you've given us all. you really do have quite a gift. i know you've made a lot of fans through your talent. the beauty with-in you really shines, on stage and in blog.
    your mom and dad did a great job.
    thank you and good luck - you deserve much
    happiness! after september, hope to see you
    perform as elphaba, again (how 'bout on tour?!). or/and can't you stay and just find another job in san francisco?!
    thank you for giving a part of you.
    ... is your head really big, now? :)

  17. Please keep blogging! Or what else will I have to do?!

    Also, thank you so much for a great performance today (and being totally chill with my spazzhat behavior at the stage door)! It really was treat for me to watch you perform.

  18. Things naturally change...things never change, I could prove both points if asked to in a debte, but the constant factors I cherish in life are humor and love....both of which I am quite sure you will relate to us in your next incarnation in BlogLand.
    NYC will prove to be the next adventure for us both...I can't wait!

  19. Felphaba,
    So now that you are coming to New York, I will tell you how I came to be a fan of yours, so that if I see you here, I can say “ Hey Fel, it’s me!”, and not have to explain THE FOLLOWING: I have a good friend who is a theatre professor at Northwestern. Every year, Northwestern brings a group of graduating seniors to NYC for a show/presentation to agents/casting directors/etc which she co-directs. Since I rarely get to see this friend, I go see the show and we go out after. Well, there was a girl this past year who sang...wait for it... "Darryl is a Boy (and He Lives in My Closet)"(!) I thought it was funny and cool so I searched for info about it when I got home and found your You Tube video. And of course You Tube links drove me to your other stuff, including Wicked (which I probably now know more about than most people who have never seen it), and found your blog through that. That was this past March. I’ve enjoyed your blog hugely and am looking forward to future iterations.
    See ya in NYC!

  20. Oh dear! All your comments are making ME cry! It's been such a pleasure hearing and getting feedback from all the wonderful supporters of WICKED. Thanks for showin' me the love, especially because Unnaturally Green began as something highly experimental, majorly self-indulgent, with no suspicions of what adventures were to befall me. I'm so thankful that I was able to bring you guys along for the ride, and hope you'll follow me (in spirit, anyway) to New York City. Anywho. New post coming soon...!!

  21. I have an idea, Felicia. Why don't you just audition to join the Broadway cast of Wicked? :-) We would love you here in NYC <3

  22. Will continue to be your #1 fan forever! You will be super famous one day...I gaurantee it! :0). Will come see you wherever you perform!

  23. This is such great info! I love your blog. I love your performances too, and my fingers are crossed that I manage to see you one more time before you go. We'll see...

  24. Maybe just "hide" this bog offline for a while until you happen to be cast as the honorable Green One in NYC? I will will look for you when I'm back there hopefully next summer.