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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fact of the Day #12

Composite warm-up facts, in rambly paragraph form: If I'm on as Elphaba, I warm up in the shower. Every time. Whether or not I actually wash myself is variable. Elphaba and Glinda's dressing rooms share a wall; we can usually hear each other warming up, and have an elaborate Morse-like code whereby words are pitches and vowel sounds are punctuation.* During WICKED's opening number, while I'm still backstage I usually sing along with Glinda's solo ("Let us be glaaaaad...") as I hear it come through the monitor (every dressing room has a monitor through which the show is broadcast, live). In the backstage area downstairs there are no rehearsal spaces, and many of the "walls" that separate the dressing rooms are more like partitions, as they do not reach all the way to the ceiling. This makes vocal warmups well-nigh impossible at the theater! Most cast members end up doing their warmups at home before arriving at the theater, or some sneak off to nearby stairwells to get in some final puff-hums before curtain. The name of the game is resourcefulness!

*The last part of this sentence is untrue.


  1. The part about the partitions/walls that don't reach the ceiling is really strange. Is this how all theatre back stage areas are set up? Besides costs, why would they be designed like this? (btw-nice FOTD)

  2. Felicia! I love your blog! You are such a funny girl! You so need to write a book about your Wicked adventures when all is said and done.

    I fell in love with live theater last year when I first saw the 2nd National Tour here in Des Moines. Since then, I have traveled to two other states to see the show. :) I adore Marcie Dodd, and I have been blessed to see her, communicate with her, and meet her. I bet she is amazing to work with!

    Ah, if I could only manage to get to SF to see all of you before September...:(

    Enjoy your time out there and please keep up the great blog! It is a great way to start my day!

    Much love from Iowa,

  3. How interesting! Too bad you don't have a super secret Morse-like code. That would be pretty cool. ;)

  4. Oooh...inquiring nerds want to know:

    1) Do any of the cast keep regular sessions with a vocal coach (to avoid problems with such demanding parts and schedules)?

    2) Pepe's or Sally's?

  5. Hmm...I feel that creating an elaborate Morse-like code from your warm up routines could be a quality way to spend some of that standby downtime.
    (I am now picturing you and Libby, with your newfound skills, being recruited into covert ops. Something akin to the WWII Navajo code talkers...)