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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fact(s) of the Day

1. According to swing makeup artist Rob, who subbed in for Joe last week, I am the sweatiest Elphaba he's ever encountered.
Also, I am writing this from my Blackberry. Booyah! Also, it's really late and I should be sleeping. But instead, I offer you facts 2 through 4, all of them exclamatory:
2. Elphaba's prop lunch is a Lemon Zest Lunabar; at intermission, I really eat it!
3. If I don't pee during "Dancing Through Life" in Act 1, I have no other chance to use the restroom for the rest of the act!
4. The hat Galinda hands Elphaba before the dance has a flower on it, but the one Elphie wears to the dance does not!
This Blackberry is dangerous,
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  1. So, just to confirm, that word was SWEATIEST (as in, the one who sweats the most), and not SWEETEST? (Which you indubitably are as well.)

  2. Hi Felicia! I'm long time reader, first time commenter. Your posts always give me a good laugh (which is always appreciated in my boring office summer job!)

    anywho, my burning wicked question is: When you're munching on the Luna bar, what is the person playing Dr. Dillamond eating?


  3. I have no idea what a Lunabar is, although I feel I may now find out.

    By-the-by, my brother and I saw you as Elphie after seeing Eden Espinosa the last time, and he feels it very important for you to know that he could not tell a difference.

  4. Hi, Felicia! Hope everything's good with you.
    Re Fact #4, Wickedholics notice the flowerless hat but is that the same hat as the one in Defying Gravity? I would think that the DG hat has a mike while the Ozdust hat does not have one.

  5. Hi Fel! Have you tried any of the other Lunabar flavors? Peggy and I are big fans, shall we bring you some samples?
    Dulce du Leche
    Oatmeal Raisin
    Chocolate Peppermint
    White Choc Macadamia Nut
    and more
    Love your spiffidy diffidy blogs!

  6. 1. I also think he said sweetest and you just can't spell 'cuz you went to Yale and they only taught you to think rationally.
    2. Eden choked on that bite once. It was scary.
    3. I go through the entire show glued to my seat...what's the big deal?
    4. I once asked the prop ladies. They said there were 4 hats. I notice those things...and there are at least 3 brooms.

  7. 2. I knew Elphabas eat Lemon Zest Luna bars but I don't remember why. I think you should try Banana Nut Bread Clifbars instead...

    3. It's funny that you sweat a lot and have to use the facilities during DTL,you must drink a gallon of water before the show. ;o)

    4. How did I not notice there are 4 hats and flower and flowerless ones? I guess I'm not as observant as I thought.

    btw-If you made a WICKED Fact of the Day Calendar I would totally buy it...

  8. 2. Don't all Elphies eat Luna bars because it looks like it really could be anything?? And I think I remember you saying that you don't like peanuts so you eat the lemon zest one and you can't have the chocolate because dairy is bad when you are singing? I am such a Felicia-Fan lol

    3. I always wondered when you had time to pee, because in a previous blog you told us how much water you drank and I thought "man she musn't be able to hold that through the entirity of act 1!"

    4. How come she has the two different hats??

  9. When you are on standby for Eden, do you have to be ready in make up (green) in case you have to suddenly fill in? Your Twitter photo today didn't seem to show green hands or were reading the NY Times on your Kindle. Just curious.
    Love you always,
    LP from Pacifica (near SF)
    P.S. Have taken a stage door photo with you twice and will see you again soon! You are the BEST Elphaba ever! I hope your career takes off even more after Wicked closes in Sept. Have tix to see the last show and hope to see you then, too!

  10. Said one Wicked fan in the audience to another during "Dancing Through Life", Oh! This is the part where Felicia...well, you know........cause if she DOESn't.....

    I was going to comment on the sweating part because I can relate as a performer but nothing seemed to be very witty and seemed sort of strange to comment about on the internet and there, ...see, I guess I just commented. !

    Carry on, love the wit always.

  11. I always wondered why it doesn't have a flower. Later on it makes sense that it could've fallen/been taken off, but not later that same day, especially since Elphie doesn't get fashion lessons until AFTER the ball! Haha!