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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fact of the Day #9

The liquid in the mysterious lover's green elixir bottle is Scope (as in, the mouthwash) (in which there is also a green glow stick). While WICKED was being developed, the creative team tried a variety of liquids, from dish soap to colored water, but Scoped proved the greenest and most luminous!

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  1. Just found this blog the other day and find it totally interesting! Thanks for all the fun factoids and behind-the-scenes stuff. Answers a lot of questions my husband and I were guessing at, such as the call time (we were way off! Our guess was 6:30, though I guess we could still be right for some people) and the duties of a standby (I thought you would be ready in costume and makeup in the wings throughout the show). We're planning to see it one more time before the show closes, maybe we'll catch you then!

  2. I just am loving these Facts of the Day! :) Learning something new about Wicked each time I pop by your blog, Felicia!

  3. I knew the bottle had a green glow stick, but I didn't realize it was actually filled with a liquid as well!

    (By the way, I got your letter in the mail today, thank you so much! :D)