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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fact of the Day #8

My first New York gig out of college was "The Jerusalem Syndrome" at the 2008 New York Musical Theater Festival, where I shared the stage with Chandra Lee Schwartz, who currently plays Glinda on the First National Tour of WICKED.  Chandra played a character named Rena, a feisty young nurse who's infatuated with a soap opera star.

In November 2009, one month before I booked WICKED, I reprised my role in a scaled-down, revised version of "The Jerusalem Syndrome," this time alongside Julie Reiber, former Elphaba Standby in WICKED's Broadway company, who came on to replace Chandra as Rena (Chandra was, at that point, already touring as Glinda).

The extra kicker: I myself had actually performed the role of Rena, way back in the day, during the summer before my senior year of college when "The Jerusalem Syndrome" was first being developed as just words on a page.  In later drafts, the creative team decided to recast me as Lynn -- a character who, incidentally, hallucinates that she is God. (Long story.)

Lucky for me, the casting change meant I had the good fortune to meet Ms. Schwartz and Ms. Reiber later on down the line.

FATE! Or something like it!


  1. Wait...Second National Tour? Sooo....should you break it to Natalie? Orrr should I? ;)

  2. Sounds like fate to me, that's awesome!

  3. These FotDs are fun! And I'm a sucker for entertaining tags -- snicker.

  4. That's very cool about Chandra and Julie. Last time I checked my playbill from Wicked (going back to Dana's comment) Natalie was my Glinda not Chandra. ;) But now you have the correct tour. ;) hehehe

  5. Loving the "facts of the day"!