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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogging On-The-Go!

Hey, look! I'm blogging on-the-go! I've composed the above photo such that it reflects this in the most obvious ways possible: I'm sipping an iced coffee, there's a whimsical café menu reflected behind me, it's sunny, I'm chipper, and I'm waving to you. If that doesn't say "on-the-go" I don't know what does. Except maybe if I did this:
Why should anyone care that I'm on-the-go, and what the heck does that even mean? Friends, it is with this post that I am declaring a new commitment to much more frequent, "on-the-go" blogging. In the interest of frankness, I've graphed out what I anticipate this will mean, in terms of content:

Now, it's not that I'll strive to post rubbish, I'm merely acknowledging the realities of swimming along with a constant stream of compulsory online chatter. I'm just taking my cues from other social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, where even yours truly will, on the regular, post stuff like, "I'm going to the bathroom" or, "Hey, look, a hair in my salad" (with accompanying photo).

So, with respect to blogging, why the sudden shift now? Well, friends, I have recently acquired a new, baller G, spiffity-diffity Blackberry that is so awesome it has even emboldened me to invent new words like "spiffity-diffity" to describe it. It is from this veritable Trident of Technology that I shall access my Blog and relay to you everything you could ever possibly want to know about WICKED.  

My hope is to commit to, at the very least, something called "Fact of the Day," which is pretty simple and self-explanatory: for at least as long as I'm performing in WICKED, the Fact of the Day will disclose something WICKED-related. Examples:

"FACT OF THE DAY #34: During the end of the Act 1 Wizard's Chamber scene, after I (as Elphaba) run off stage left with the Grimmerie (before the "Defying Gravity" scene and song), the wig supervisor pins my hat down more firmly onto my head while my dresser hands me water and a throat coating spray called "Entertainer's Secret." It is during these moments that I have about ten seconds to breathe and regroup before the big Act 1 Finale."

"FACT OF THE DAY #PI: If you're a cast member who elects to be in the "Birthday Club," stage management and cast members celebrate your birthday during intermission that day. After it's your birthday, it's your job to buy a cake and other celebratory accoutrements for the cast member who has the next subsequent birthday (e.g. Kendra Kassebaum (our Glinda) got me a cake, I got Greg Haney (our Chistery) his cake...and so on...)."

My Blog will still, of course, comprise much more than these li'l ol' Facts of the Day, but on days when I don't have much time or I want to do other stuff like have a one-person dance party to Chaka Khan in my apartment, the Fact of the Day will suffice.

Okay, off I go! I'm just so, like, on-the-go, I can barely sit in one place for more than five or ten minutes.



  1. I giggled pretty good at the cake thing. I don't really know why.

    Also, the edited picture is pretty classic. I'd keep that and make it your blog header or something.

  2. Thank you for your " on the go" blogging...and keeping in touch with those who love you!

  3. Hope to see you again as Elphaba. Thanks for the on-the-go post!

  4. You are a nut -- but I mean that in the most respectful way possible. Looking forward to your accelerated blog!

  5. You know what's wild? I am writing this comment from MY "spiffity diffity" Blackberry. Blackberries rule, iPhones drool! (Well, not really -- I'd totally have an iPhone if it could get my work e-mail.)

    I look forward to Felicia's Fact o' the Day and more awesome new vocab like "spiffity diffity."

    P.S. Hope you got the treat I left for you at the stage door and the SD guys didn't totally steal it ...

  6. i love the fact of the day..keep it up

  7. I ♥ this blog so much. Felicia you make me smile =)

  8. It's great to know that our smiles will grow exponentially with the more frequent exposure to your enlivening wit!!!

  9. Lol, thank you for using #Pi. The math geek in me is thrilled! Do you, perchance, celebrate Pi Day?

  10. You are too funny Felicia, I really appreciated the photos and graph :P

  11. You are a blogging inspiration. (Said with certain facial expression and tone of voice to evoke sarcasm but still seriousness). A smile is always the outcome on this journey of yours which we so enjoy!