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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fact of the Day #9

The liquid in the mysterious lover's green elixir bottle is Scope (as in, the mouthwash) (in which there is also a green glow stick). While WICKED was being developed, the creative team tried a variety of liquids, from dish soap to colored water, but Scoped proved the greenest and most luminous!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fact of the Day #8

My first New York gig out of college was "The Jerusalem Syndrome" at the 2008 New York Musical Theater Festival, where I shared the stage with Chandra Lee Schwartz, who currently plays Glinda on the First National Tour of WICKED.  Chandra played a character named Rena, a feisty young nurse who's infatuated with a soap opera star.

In November 2009, one month before I booked WICKED, I reprised my role in a scaled-down, revised version of "The Jerusalem Syndrome," this time alongside Julie Reiber, former Elphaba Standby in WICKED's Broadway company, who came on to replace Chandra as Rena (Chandra was, at that point, already touring as Glinda).

The extra kicker: I myself had actually performed the role of Rena, way back in the day, during the summer before my senior year of college when "The Jerusalem Syndrome" was first being developed as just words on a page.  In later drafts, the creative team decided to recast me as Lynn -- a character who, incidentally, hallucinates that she is God. (Long story.)

Lucky for me, the casting change meant I had the good fortune to meet Ms. Schwartz and Ms. Reiber later on down the line.

FATE! Or something like it!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farewell, Eden, Kendra and Nic

Just watched Eden Espinosa, Kendra Kassebaum, and Nicolas Dromard's last show. I am emotional! But what an exhilarating experience it was to see the three of them onstage tonight. And the audience (which included me and Libby) was so fantastic! Parts of the show felt like a rock concert, there was so much applause and cheering.

Anyway. Eden, Kendra, and Nic: you will be sorely missed.

Okay, I'm going to go eat my feelings and have nachos and a quesadilla.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fact of the Day #7

At the end of "Defying Gravity" Elphaba conducts the orchestra and ensemble singers with her broom! That way everybody does the final cutoff at the same time and the actress playing Elphaba can hold the note for however long (or short) she wants to.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Like Monday-night football, except not football

For as long as kicklines have had kicks in them and been in lines*, Monday has been the Broadway theater performers' day off.

*I wanted to evoke old-timey musical theater, but obviously this is an awful sentence and I have no way to verify it. For all I know, the 8 shows per week schedule has been in constant flux, and the Monday night off-day thing is only a recent development. But I'm going to run with it.

In any event, because of a strange and unusual change to WICKED's traditional schedule, last night we did a show. And, hey-o, I got to go on as Elphaba! What are the odds, right? Here is a photo of me backstage being happy about it, but also with a Monday-induced weird and crazed look in my eye:
In retrospect, it seems that WICKED's Monday show may have offended the theater gods, because apparently last night's show was unprecedentedly loopy, and not just because I was depleting all my energy taking weird and crazed photos of myself. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fact of the Day #6

Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" fits along near perfectly to the music at the end of the Ozdust Dance. Because what else says friendship and acceptance more than Whitney Houston?

Also: I'm going to eat a banana at precisely 6:30PM tonight. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fact of the Day #5

Hey y'all! Check out this neat-o fact-o!
5. In "Wicked" the musical, Elphaba takes a train from Shiz to the Emerald City, but the map of Oz curtain at top of the show depicts no train tracks between the two locations!
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Aren't you relieved to have learned this life-changing bit of information? Yeah, I thought so.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fact(s) of the Day

1. According to swing makeup artist Rob, who subbed in for Joe last week, I am the sweatiest Elphaba he's ever encountered.
Also, I am writing this from my Blackberry. Booyah! Also, it's really late and I should be sleeping. But instead, I offer you facts 2 through 4, all of them exclamatory:
2. Elphaba's prop lunch is a Lemon Zest Lunabar; at intermission, I really eat it!
3. If I don't pee during "Dancing Through Life" in Act 1, I have no other chance to use the restroom for the rest of the act!
4. The hat Galinda hands Elphaba before the dance has a flower on it, but the one Elphie wears to the dance does not!
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogging On-The-Go!

Hey, look! I'm blogging on-the-go! I've composed the above photo such that it reflects this in the most obvious ways possible: I'm sipping an iced coffee, there's a whimsical café menu reflected behind me, it's sunny, I'm chipper, and I'm waving to you. If that doesn't say "on-the-go" I don't know what does. Except maybe if I did this:
Why should anyone care that I'm on-the-go, and what the heck does that even mean? Friends, it is with this post that I am declaring a new commitment to much more frequent, "on-the-go" blogging. In the interest of frankness, I've graphed out what I anticipate this will mean, in terms of content:

Friday, June 4, 2010

My grandma, the original Baller G

Hi friends. Having trouble sleeping tonight. Found out yesterday that my grandmother passed away and, well, yeah.  It hurts.

I hesitate to get personal on a blog that has heretofore been dedicated to my professional life, but a few thoughts won't hurt. I know my grandma liked to brag about me, so now I get to brag about her!

My grandma, the indomitable Yolanda Cocozza, was such a Baller G. She was someone you'd swear would live forever. She seemed afraid of nothing. Never a shrinking violet, a truly unstoppable lady. She taught me to paint, about light and dark shading, about three-dimensions, how to make an S-curve with a paintbrush, she showed me short-hand and it made absolutely no sense, she cooked me egg noodles, pizza and doughboys, bought me thin-sliced American cheese, cranked up the radiator so it warmed my toes while we chatted and sat on swively high chairs, she collected People magazines, we reveled in its trashiness, she let me play incessantly in my grandfather's reclining chair, told me, over and over, not to touch the water in her birdbath, sent me cards, addressed them in her feminine, perfect handwriting, came to see me in my shows, lower, middle, high school, college, she chatted with me on the phone, got my sarcasm, knew when I was being a pill, she did crosswords, went to see crass movies like "Knocked Up," complained about them, but kept going anyway, she was a loving mom, wife, grandma, the whole shebang.

What a cool lady, right?

I miss you already, Grandma Yola, and if you were here I would hug you tight! And then we'd chat, about...anything, really: current events, my job, how you like my hair blonder, and love that my boyfriend is so tall, and I would laugh and tell you you were oh-so-feisty, and it would be the best.

Thanks for everything, Yol. I love you.