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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One of these is true.

1) I am from Detroit, Michigan.
2) I was cryogenically frozen in 1931 and have only recently been thawed.
3) Tonight, the role of Elphaba will not be played by Felicia Ricci.
4) Conan O'Brien should shave his beard.


  1. Saw you tonight as Elphaba. You were fantastic!!!

  2. Um I guess 3 was false seeing one of the comments above! ;) I saw your SF pals last night! (Natalie and Vicki) :)

  3. The ads that appear around this post based on your "cryogenically frozen" remark are hysterical. (Although probably not to some. I should, perhaps, be more sensitive to the Pro-CF population.)

    You should try to see how outrageous you can get the ads to be based on stealth words embedded in your posts. (Just a thought.)(never mind)

  4. BAHAHAHAHA!!! I will seriously consider this last suggestion. --FR
    P.S. Thanks, Markus! And, Cortney, glad to hear you had a great time.

  5. Hey Girl, you haven't been forgotten in NY. Michelle had a baby girl today, Abigail. Keep on trucking.


    Gang is very busy and on the way to Houston.

  6. Hi Felicia,

    I was wondering, if I sent you a letter from Australia, do you think it would get to you before Wicked closes? :)

    Alice :)