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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My first two-show day: check!

I survived!!!!  I sit here typing in a huddled heap of sweat and tears with flecks of green makeup stuck in my ears and around my nails.  But, ya know what?? I did it!  It would be an understatement to say that I was just a little freaked out at the prospect of performing two shows today.  But, alas, 'twas done.

Long, indulgent ridiculous blog post soon to come, pending a little down time to gather myself and rest up (I had originally planned to recount last night's adventure tonight, but instead I had to go on, so had to postpone).

In any event, thank you to everyone who was there for me today and tonight, and for the kind words I've been getting via email, Facebook, Twitter (that's right, I am now a fully-functioning member of the 2010 E-Community).  You are all so nice!!!!



  1. From one show-biz type to another, that is so cool!

  2. Well done, Fel!!! It is absolutely impossible to NOT be behind/with/for you, as you are the nice/sweet/appreciative one!!!

  3. I saw the show last night and I have to say, you created two fans last night, myself and my best friend. She had never seen the show before, I used to work at the Orpheum so I had seen it many times. You were incredible. I love how you added your own flavor and embellishments to Defying Gravity and No Good Deed... excellent! Good luck and have a blast! :)

  4. Hi Felicia, I saw you Wednesday afternoon. I had to dash to my evening class afterwards, but I’m so glad I went. I love that you put your own spin on Elphaba that’s completely different from Teal or Eden. You have a great voice, too. Look forward to seeing you again.

  5. Hi!
    This is how far I got in your blog, and given my short attention span and clicking on your links I think I did well :-)
    Aside from being an excellent entertainer .. you are REALLY entertaining! :-D
    You're quite amusing and I am really enjoying your blog!
    So I saw Wicked in Sydney (This blog was posted on the Sydney FB page) and loved the show!
    And I saw youtube clips of you and you're awesomely excellent. I love your take on DG and you have a really clear voice ..

    I admire how performers go in and do THE SAME THING every single day! With the same dedication and passion .. even when they feel off, they have to give it 100% .. so massive kudos to you ..
    Because of that, for almost a WHOLE WEEK I was inspired to get in the lab and to do one more experiment before I went home.
    But, being the good PhD student I am, I'm over that phase now :-) .. but I still have a super deep admiration for theatre actors's ..

    I wish you every success in your career ..
    In years ahead we should compare stories when you win the Tony, and I win some cancer research prize :-) hehe