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Monday, April 26, 2010

FAQs and Coming Attractions

Ahoy there, you rogues!  Blimey, the winds have changed since we last set sail. We must once more take to the high seas, sing a bloggers' chantey, and dip our compass needle into the ink of a literary squid so that we might steer this sea scroll across the open waters of freedom.

I have no idea what incited me to attempt a nautical- literary- pirate-themed opening. "Ahoy there, you rogues" is actually a line from Peter Pan (the musical). I know this because I did the show in elementary school -- twice (Peter in fourth grade and Captain Hook in fifth grade).  Just two of many gender-bending roles I conquered at tender pre-pubescent ages that caused serious social and psychological scarring (I can appreciate now the saintliness of my parents, who counseled me also through the Cowardly Lion, Mercutio, and Fagin, all before high school).

In any event!  Today's blog post will answer some lingering questions I've received via the comments section of Unnaturally Green, Facebook, email, or in person at the stage door.  I shall then close with a brief, though exclamatory, Coming Attractions! addendum which will give you a glimpse at some blog topics I've been cooking up in my little conniving blogger brain.  (And no more pirate-ese, I promise.)

Frequently Asked Questions, Part Trois!

(There have, on prior occasions, been two other Frequently Asked Questions segments-- click here and here if you'd like to catch up.)

Q: For how long will WICKED's San Francisco Company run?
A: We've just received official word that our production will be closing on September 5.  So get your tickets now!!!!!

Q: Will you be staying with WICKED for the rest of this run?
A: Unless President Obama, Hugh Jackman, and/or Michael C. Hall personally invite me to join them for an extended Skeeball-Slash-Hip-Hop-Dance-Contest on a Caribbean Island or equivalent, HELLZYEAH I'M STAYING WITH WICKED.

Q: Can we see some photos from that ironic glamor photo shoot with Glinda standby Libby Servais you blogged about?
A: Alright, I surrender! To recap: that's Libby's Jessica Simpson-brand hairpiece I'm wearing, and, yes, when detached from my head it resembles a long-haired Weimeraner.

Q: Heya, if I want to send you mail, to where should I address it?
A: I love getting mail!  It is fun!  You can send it to

The Honorable* Felicia Ricci
c/o Wicked San Francisco
1178 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

*This part is optional. If you wish, you can make up your own titles-- including, but not limited to: "Mademoiselle," "Doctor," "The Artist Currently Known As," etc.

[Addendum: 1192 Market Street works, too-- 1192 is the box office and 1178 is the stage door.]

Q: Will you write back?!?!?!
A: But of course! It might take me a little while, but write back I shall! The only minor caveat is that if you request a signed photo I don't yet have official WICKED publicity shots, so you might get something ghetto-fabulous, like me giving you the thumbs up.  But it will be signed, and it will be me.  And, I assure you, if ever I get a WICKED promo shot, I will make them available to all of y'all.

Q: Have you been on as Elphaba since your crazy first week?
A: Why, yes, I have!  Despite a long dry spell, I had the privilege to perform Elphaba this past Wednesday evening (April 21).

Q: What was that like, and did you do alright?
A: To be honest, it was kind of nerve-wracking! It had almost been three weeks since I'd been on, and, since I'm new to this whole standby business, I had all kinds of doubts about whether I would be able to maintain the role on my own, without actually performing.  But, as luck, and a little bit of guts, would have it, the performance went off without a hitch! It was a total blast.  And I think things will only get easier.  You see, normally, there are upkeep rehearsals for understudies and standbys, but since the creative team in San Francisco has been busy rehearsing Alyssa Fox, our new Elphie understudy, I hadn't had a chance to run any of the materials this month-- at least, not officially, in the rehearsal room.  I do, nonetheless, have a regimen of running through the vocals every few days or so, and I warm up vocally everyday.  And, as I've tweeted, I have the good fortune to have a boyfriend who will run my lines with me when I need a memory refresher! 

Q: Did your boyfriend do this of his own free will?
A: Yes.

Q: Did he do this of his own free will?
A: More or less.

Q: Is he really that muscular?
A: Yes.

Q: And he cooks, too?
A: Yep.

Q: Whoa.
A: Why, are you jealous?

Q: I was just asking. I'm the "Q" remember? I'm supposed to ask the FAQs.
A: Oh okay, cool.

Q: How long does it take you to get your Elphie makeup off after a performance?
A: It usually takes around ten to fifteen minutes.  There's a shower in the Elphaba dressing room, and I hop in right after the show.  Per the recommendation of former standby and current Second National Tour Elphaba Vicki Noon, I use Neutrogena Original Cleanser. It works like a charm!

Q: Should I wait for you after your Elphaba shows, or do you not come out?
A: I will always come out, do not worry!  It's usually five past the hour when I finally emerge, un-greenified-- but emerge I shall!  I don't duck out another entrance or anything.  It might be misleading, because a lot of times the security guards will remove the velvet rope from in front of the stage door before I come out. 

Q: What about when you're a standby and not performing?
A: I do indeed leave the theater early, although sometimes I'll stick around to watch the show.  You can tweet at me to ask if I'll be around... though, most of the time, if I'm not performing, I don't hang around the stage door afterward.

And that concludes this edition of FAQs... MORE SOON!  PROMISE!  And, now, briefly:

Coming Attractions!

Here's what to look for in upcoming Unnaturally Green posts:

1) An in-depth discussion of standby upkeep, specifically vocal health.  I'm hoping to do some sort of video blog about this... but it's still a half-formed idea-fetus.  So this might take a while.

2) A description of backstage goings-on, from the wardrobe department to the wig room.

3) A profile on Kathleen, the illustrious Elphaba dresser who is SO FRICKING AWESOME.  Being the Elphaba dresser doesn't just mean helping with costume changes: this woman is a veritable superhero-- wielding water bottles, portable electric fans, vocal sprays, lozenges at the drop of a (witch's) hat, climbing up and down ladders, staircases, and trap doors, setting props, wiping my nose... You will be amazed!

And, on that note, I must depart.

Until next time, my friends, I remain,


  1. Great blog Felicia. The world of a standby is really unlike most others in a musical, going from zero to 150 mph within a few hours, or like your debut, a few minutes. I look forward to hearing and seeing more behind the scenes.



  2. To the Wickedly Honorable Felicia,

    Long time reader, first time commenting.
    LOVE your blog and can't wait to meet you at some point during your long and illustrious career on the Great White Way, of course you will make your Broadway debut. With your humour I may catch you at Caroline's though!
    Thank you for writng your blog and sharing details and insight fans of Wicked and musical theater rarely get a glimpse of. Always happy when I see a new blog has been posted. I not only learn something,,I come away smiling as well!
    Break legs, but don't break brooms!


  3. Thanks for the post - I enjoy your blog so much!

  4. Hilarious, entertaining, informative, and day brightening blog entry, oh Honorable One!!! Please know, a day without a new blog is like a day without Ozdust!

  5. Aw c'mon... you were an epically awesome Peter Pan. ;) And if I remember correctly we made Fagin a woman didn't we? You're gorgeous! Keep up the great work, Felicia!

  6. Loving the blog! A great insight to life of a standby!

    I have a question! Would you rather by an understudy or a standby?

  7. Hi, Felicia! Great post and fabulous glamour photos!

    Follow-up to the stage door Q: Do you go out after the matinee if it's a 2-show day?

  8. You are so funny! Maybe I missed the answer, but you said you are staying until the end, are you being promoted to lead?

  9. Live in the Bay Area and have seen Wicked twice: First time with Meredith Kaye Clark and Natalie Daradich (3/09); 2nd time with Eden and Kendra (and you) (3/10). Would love to complete the hat trick when you're on as Elphaba. Do you have any firm dates between now & September?

  10. MunchkinMarcus-- it's a tough call, but I'd say, in the end, I prefer being a standby.

    Beth-- if it's a two show day, yes, I do come out the stage door in between.

    Anonymous-- I'm staying through the rest of the run as the Elphaba standby.

    Ron C.-- Indeed, I do! Four shows in May and four shows in June. Email my webmaster for details.

    Thanks for the comments, everybody!

  11. I guess I forgot the Honorable part on your package! Oops! I am glad you are enjoying those gummy worms! ;) Don't forget to share them with Libby! hehehe

  12. I happened to be online and saw Eden's tweet about "taking off" on that Wed. I thought, "Cool, the honorable, soon-to-be-greenified one will be making an appearance!

  13. Yay! I'm so going to send you a card or something. If I include a pic of you that I just printed off from online will you sign it if I include a self addressed envelope? PS are you planning on going to Idina Menzels concert July 9th with the San Francisco symphony? It'd be fun to see you there.

  14. I got my letter yesterday! Thank you so much! I wasn't expecting a whole letter!!! Btw I LOVE the "Ghetto Fabulous" pictures haha. I just made a website with the fanmail I've gotten back! Yay!