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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elphaba news--

Check this out:

Powers of deduction suggest that I might be going on in the very near future...  But you didn't hear it from me!



  1. I really really need to live 5000 miles closer to San Francisco. Have fun doing the green thing!

  2. See? I told yah! Now that you've become Elphie, your powers have grown immensely. ;-D
    This is another milestone in the adventures of an unnaturally green girl - a 2-show day! Woohoo! Break a leg!

  3. Three shows in your first two days as stand-by. Trial by fire, eh? Well at least there's not much time for nerves!
    Break limbs!

  4. Like Elphaba, you are a remarkable woman of indomitable spirit! Your dramatic debut is fodder for a screenplay!

  5. Break a leg, Felicia! Good vibes heading your way from the east coast...unofficially, of course...

  6. I was in the front row of the March 31 night performance and thought you were BEYOND EXCELLENT. I am from DC and did come to San Fran to see Eden, but was totally taken away from your performance. I feel in love with your Elphaba. You were amazing! Thanks for the great job. you totally made my trip worthwhile...