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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Allegory Postponement, Diversionary Q&A

Hi again Everybody!

First off, thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement!  Although, officially, I must respond by saying something like, I haven't the slightest idea what any of you are talking about.  I have neither confirmed nor denied any new information as of late.

Regarding the pending stick-figure allegory: Because I own a positively Jurassic MacBook that has, in its comedic slowness and incompetence, undermined all of my technological undertakings since sophomore year of college, my Photoshop doodlings have taken longer than I expected (each time I try to save a new frame the darn program quits on me).  I could say more, but if this post were merely comprised of unrelated, tangential information, I would continue by telling you about how I just ate couscous with raisins while watching Zach Galifianakis clips.  And then where would we be?  The point is: stick figure adventure still in the works.

In the meantime, how about some Diversionary Q&A?

Q: Hey, Fel, if there were a parallel universe in which you were the new Elphaba Standby, when would you be making the parallel-universe switch to from parallel-universe ensemble to parallel-universe standby?
A: What a preposterous query!  I will, momentarily, indulge in this outrageousness: if this parallel universe happened to adhere to the Gregorian Calendar, I suspect I would become the new Elphaba Standby around March 30.  And everyone would be upside-down and weightless, because that's what happens in parallel universes.

Q: Hey, Fel, how did you get your Equity Card?  [submitted by Alethea]
A: I got my Equity Card through WICKED!  Before starting my job here in San Francisco I was a veritable theatrical fetus, stewing around in the career-equivalent of amnio fluids, without an umbilical cord.  But now I am Equity!  Yay.

Q: Hey, Fel, do you have any idea what brand of boots Elphaba wears with the Shiz costume? [submitted by Jessica]
A: This answer shall, in a future post, beget a much longer discussion, but for now I will say: all of the shoes in WICKED are custom-made to each actor's feets.  But I can, like, sell you my boots if you want.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  (Meet me at the stage door tomorrow night; bring cash and gummy worms.)

That's all for now!  More soon!

Ever faithfully yours,


  1. Parallel-universal congrats, I suspect, then! (It's quite interesting typing in this weightless, upside-down condition.)

  2. i have a question!!! during the cat fight scene, do glinda and elphaba really slap each other? how does it work? is the slap noise real? is it recorded? I must know! it must hurt to get slapped 8 times a week. lol.

  3. Today….or actually yesterday (just came home), I saw 9 patients newly admitted to the hospital, treated 15 episodic complaints, participated in 2 medical emergency codes, removed 2 sets of staples, and sutures, and wrote ~ 90 medication orders. To now sit down sipping coffee and read Felicia’s blog and learn about her possible Elphie parallel-universe brings a rush of joy and smile to my face….PRICELESS!
    Oh man! I am so due for a WICKED therapy! Congrats Felicia!

  4. LOL! i love love reading this. how much does your second act costume weigh?

  5. I love your blog, looking forward to see you in Wicked and chat personally to tell you how wonderful you are, as well as to see you playing Elphaba!!! One question: I have always wonder, what kind of shoes does Elphaba wear in the second act? Yes, I know is a question about shoes, but women and shoes are like one!!! :)

  6. Oh how I wish I could meet you at the stage door with cash and gummy worms! Sadly, North Carolina is a loooooonnnnng way from San Francisco. But I could stick some gummy worms in the mail...

  7. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all things green.

  8. I want your Elphaba boots! I'm gonna go buy so gummy worms for you right now!