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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elphaba news--

Check this out:

Powers of deduction suggest that I might be going on in the very near future...  But you didn't hear it from me!


What? I just made my debut?!

So, here's a funny story: on my first day as the new Elphaba standby, I went on midway through Act I.

That's right, friends: tonight was my Elphaba debut. 

How do I feel, you ask?  Like I just drove a flaming eighteen wheeler down a labyrinthine, unpaved road into a snowbank, while blindfolded and with the parking brake still on.  Which is terrifying but, let's be honest, exhilarating.  I'm sure we all did something resembling that when we were in our early teens. 

What does this mean for Unnaturally Green?  Well, dearests, expect a full recounting come tomorrow night, at which point I expect I will have some down time to reflect on the insanity that is being an Elphaba standby.  In the meantime, I've got to rest up, massage my poor, startled larynx, and try to get some rest in case I have to go on for the matinee.

As always, I remain your humble friend,

Saturday, March 27, 2010


One thing is certain: it takes a village to raise an Elphaba.  Yesterday afternoon, before my Elphaba put-in (what's a put-in?), I underwent my first official transformation from pasty white Irish though mostly and implausibly Italian girl to one who is UNNATURALLY GREEN!  And, let me tell you, I had a lot of help: Basically, beginning at one half hour before the show, our makeup designer and wig supervisor, along with a handful of other helpful folk, enter the Elphaba dressing room to preen, paint, prod, prepare, and do other things that start with P, maybe even play piano.  It was thrilling!  But also kind of strange.  Like being the main attraction at a weird interactive zoo.

In any event, my ├╝bermensch boyfriend was there to document the whole experience!  So, behold! I give you: the GREENIFICATION!  (Click on photos below to enlarge.)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Can you scream for 17 seconds? Try it, suckas!

In what will be perhaps the most underwhelming Unnaturally Green post ever, I will now recount the time I had to scream into a microphone for 17 seconds.  Okay, here I go.

On second thought, the context might actually interest you (especially if I pepper in irrelevant details). It turns out that Elphaba's cry as she melts (um, I may have just given away some of WICKED's plot... but, c'mon, if you haven't seen The Wizard of Oz yet you deserve such ill-treatment!) is actually a sound cue, pre-recorded by each actress, and swapped accordingly should a standby or cover fill-in.

Yesterday morning, at the lusty hour of 11AM, I sauntered into the stage manager's office in the basement of the Orpheum Theater to record my own patented version of le scream.  I was wearing a black Lululemon hoodie, the one with the thumb holes.  Super comf.  I hadn't showered.  One of our illustrious sound men came in, attached some wires to a bunch of doo hickeys, opened and closed some applications and such, and then instructed me to scream into a microphone for 17 seconds.  And then I did.

But, to milk this story for all it's worth: a few nights prior, our production stage manager David gave me a CD with three "sample screams" on it, courtesy of former Elphabas-- which, combined, comprised a delightful minuet of pain and agony, which I played back repeatedly on my iPod as I strolled along the sunny hills of San Francisco.  Very profound. Or just weird.

Because it turns out that, A) there are many ways to scream (variations in pitch, volume, vowel, gurgliness), B) the Elphaba scream is really fricking long when taken out of context.  (See post's affronting title.)

Fast forward back to Wednesday morning.  I screamed. There really is nothing else of interest on which to report.  Basically, I screamed, it was long, it took a lot of breath control, and I'm not sure if it sounded like the cry of someone whose flesh was melting or someone who was doing vocal warmups before their high school production of "Pippin." Upon my debut, I shall formally submit this Blog's comment section for your scream judgment and criticism.  Because clearly it is a riveting topic that should garner pages and pages of more discussion.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Allegory Postponement, Diversionary Q&A

Hi again Everybody!

First off, thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement!  Although, officially, I must respond by saying something like, I haven't the slightest idea what any of you are talking about.  I have neither confirmed nor denied any new information as of late.

Regarding the pending stick-figure allegory: Because I own a positively Jurassic MacBook that has, in its comedic slowness and incompetence, undermined all of my technological undertakings since sophomore year of college, my Photoshop doodlings have taken longer than I expected (each time I try to save a new frame the darn program quits on me).  I could say more, but if this post were merely comprised of unrelated, tangential information, I would continue by telling you about how I just ate couscous with raisins while watching Zach Galifianakis clips.  And then where would we be?  The point is: stick figure adventure still in the works.

In the meantime, how about some Diversionary Q&A?

Q: Hey, Fel, if there were a parallel universe in which you were the new Elphaba Standby, when would you be making the parallel-universe switch to from parallel-universe ensemble to parallel-universe standby?
A: What a preposterous query!  I will, momentarily, indulge in this outrageousness: if this parallel universe happened to adhere to the Gregorian Calendar, I suspect I would become the new Elphaba Standby around March 30.  And everyone would be upside-down and weightless, because that's what happens in parallel universes.

Q: Hey, Fel, how did you get your Equity Card?  [submitted by Alethea]
A: I got my Equity Card through WICKED!  Before starting my job here in San Francisco I was a veritable theatrical fetus, stewing around in the career-equivalent of amnio fluids, without an umbilical cord.  But now I am Equity!  Yay.

Q: Hey, Fel, do you have any idea what brand of boots Elphaba wears with the Shiz costume? [submitted by Jessica]
A: This answer shall, in a future post, beget a much longer discussion, but for now I will say: all of the shoes in WICKED are custom-made to each actor's feets.  But I can, like, sell you my boots if you want.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  (Meet me at the stage door tomorrow night; bring cash and gummy worms.)

That's all for now!  More soon!

Ever faithfully yours,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Plog Bost

My Dearests,

It's been one whole week since my last post, and for this I hang my head in shame. [She hangs head in shame.]

The truth is, the gears in my conniving little brain have been devising a way for me to break to you some substantial news, without violating any WICKED-purveyed confidentiality rules...

So: later tonight I shall submit to you on this Blog a text-less rendering of said late development, which shall depict highly stylized stick figures engaging in a fantastical allegory.  I will call this, tentatively, and cryptically, "Edventures in Alphaba," or "Relicia Ficci Takes a Stand(by)," with the optional, and somewhat less cryptic, subtitle: "I May Or May Not Be the New Elphaba Standby."

More soon.

Hearts and rainbow people,