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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post to say: I shall post soon!

Hello dear readers,

Forgive me for neglecting you!  I shall in the extremely near future publish the electronic equivalent of reams of pages of content (as in, probably tonight, after the show).  We (meaning the cast of WICKED-- which now includes ME! Yeah! Yeahhhhh!) have been unusually swamped because we've been having lots of rehearsals on top of performances in order to assimilate the throngs of new folk who have joined us (which, in addition to me, now includes Paul Slade Smith, Jody Gelb, Etai BenShlomo, and Libby Servais).  Plus, some of the New York WICKED creative team is here to do some clean-up work on the pre-existing company.  More on this shortly.

In the works, blog-wise, are: answers to your posted-via-the-comments-section questions, recounting of my debut, as well as Etai, Jody and Paul's (theirs was last night! woot), a link to a fellow cast member's blog, Elphaba understudying updates, thoughts on San Francisco, an espousal of the virtues of scented candles, general exuberance and/or irreverence.

I hope you will join me later for this blogoscopic fantasia.

That's right: blogoscopic fantasia,


  1. Hey! I met you last night! :D I can't wait to actually see you perform, either role... I kinda cheated last night since I saw Fiddler on the Roof and just came by to hang out. But I'll be there on Saturday afternoon, so... be awesome! (Of course you will.)


  2. Aww, I missed meeting you Sunday -- did the stage door thing for the first time, but everybody was going to the party for the four departing cast members. Maybe next time.

    Your performance was awesome! I happened to have a front-row seat and you were RIGHT in front of me during March of the Witch Hunters.