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Monday, February 22, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Dressing Room Edition

Yesterday I published a harrowing image of my dressing room station as it once was: a veritable garbage heap of makeup, used Kleenex, and rotting food. Just kidding, it wasn't that bad.  But indeed for the first two weeks or so my cubby-like sanctuary, in its disorderliness, resembled a college dorm -- so much so that, before I knew what was going on, I found myself striking up contrived conversations about life and purpose and eating microwavable macaroni and cheese when I wasn't hungry.

I have since seen the light, and, thanks to the wide availability of boutique-y, odds-and-ends-y, bric-a-brac-y, variety stores in San Francisco, I have purchased a great number of small trinkets that have helped to make my station spectacular! Behold!  An After Photo of Felicia's Dressing Room Station!

Brief enumeration of said bric-a-brac (<-- I am obsessed with that phrase): a nifty black and tan-patterned placemat; a green coffee mug, a green makeup case, two green little candle holders (anyone notice a color scheme?) that have been converted to makeup brush/toothbrush/pen/bric-a-brac holders, a jewel purple coaster to hold my wig pins, and an eco-friendly stainless steel water bottle.  

And that concludes today's post of self-satisfaction and adoration.

If it were legal I would marry myself,


  1. If you weren't my daughter, I'D marry you!

  2. Hold on a sec...if anyone's marrying Fel, it's me!

  3. Why...are you covering your face with a penguin tray?
    Question tiiime :)
    How did YOU get your equity card? I love reading those stories.

    ps: I wanna follow you on twitter but I don't want to be a creep...Don't worry, my tweets are protected too.

  4. I love your blog! Just saw the national touring company for the first time in Greenville, SC,and I'm already planning my second viewing in Charlotte, NC in a few months. It's fabulous to hear about all the fun behind the scenes stuff.

    Do you have any idea what brand of boots Elphaba wears with the Shiz costume? I'm sure I could never afford them...but they rock nonetheless....

  5. @ Alethea Haha, it looks like a penguin post-it on the mirror! There's no way she'd be able to hold it the way her hands are AND take a picture. ;)

    Looks like good stuff, lady. Nice color scheme.

  6. Love all the inside info you are providing. I was just curious, during the popular song when Glinda puts lipstick on Elphaba is that really lipstick or chapstick and does she really put it on Elphaba?

  7. Hi, Felicia.
    Now this is more like it! I would say that your station is now befitting of an Elphaba. ;-)

  8. Hey Felicia, Alyssa Fox has said on her Twitter that she's going to San Francisco to join the ensemble and as Elphaba understudy? Bit confused since you've only just joined as Elphie understudy! Are you able to clear up any of the confusion at all? :)

  9. I adore your blog! Its so nice to have an actor take time to give fans an insight to the hectic world :)
    I have a question, I heard another understudy was brought in. Does the production get 2 understudies now or is this a promotion? I know its prolly all confidential but I needed to ask :P

  10. Where are you Felicia?