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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Anniversary Party Pictures

As promised, photos from WICKED's One-Year-in-San-Fran Anniversary bash!  (I understand that, given prior stipulation, this presupposes that I look "moderately attractive," but let me qualify by saying that the adverb is key.)

Top to bottom: 1) The lovely Laura Pugliese, whose track I'm taking over in the ensemble; 2) L to R: Teal Wicks, Natalie Daradich, Annie Funke, Neka Zang, Alexa Green, Allison Leo, Felicia "I'm Wearing A Romper" Ricci; 3) Nicolas Dromard, who plays Fiyero, with the party's servers (Emerald City meets bikini -- am I right or am I right?); 4) This photo includes three of the four newbies: Lauren Haughton, Etai BenShlomo, and me (not pictured is our new Morrible, Jody Gelb), and second from the left is Jonathan Ritter, swing extraordinaire! Okay that's all for now. Bye! --FR


  1. Newbies at the party! Luv it! I have no idea what a romper is but you look great, Felicia. I'll be seeing you this Sunday.

  2. Oooh, yay for pictures, you look lovely Felicia! Hope your first day of understudy rehearsals went well :)

  3. I presume Etai is the one in the blue shirt in the last picture...?