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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The source of my temporary insanity

I still do not have internet in my apartment (AT&T, YOU ARE BEYOND EVIL) and so am jotting down this entry from that pleasant café I mentioned a few posts back.  'Twill be brief, and I will shirk all of my writerly responsibilities to provide context or explanation.  Behold!  Pictures of my rehearsal script, or, The Source of My Temporary Insanity (click to enlarge):

In other news, last night I watched the British film "Children of Men" with Etai (BenShlomo, playing Boq), who is now my next-door neighbor. I am fairly certain I have been scarred for life (not because of Etai, because of the movie).  Note to self: Do not cap off day of intense rehearsal with apocalyptic film.  The real point of this anecdote is that I would like to declare officially that Etai is majorly cool, and we have bonded over our newbie-ness.  I promised I'd give him a shout out, so here it is: holler, Etai! Holler!  (You'd better be reading this, Etai.  I refuse to let precious word count go to waste.)

Okay, must run.  I have begun braving the San Francisco public transportation system.  It is a trip. (<-- Literally! Wacka.)

Stay tuned for my next post: Musings On Rehearsal Wardrobe, or, Why I Have Been Looking So Bad Lately.



  1. Your notes remind me of my college papers. It looks confusing, but it all makes sense to the author. Sounds like you're enjoying this journey immensely. Hoorah for you. :)

  2. Haha, I can't make any sense of most of your notes, but it definitely looks like you have a lot to remember!

    Children of Men is such an intense film, I remember seeing it in the cinema and coming out feeling fairly depressed! It just feels like the entire filim is just a series of progressively worse things happening to them.

  3. Even though I can't really make sense of your notes, I find them fascinating just the same! Thanks so much for writing this blog and sharing your experiences with us!

  4. It was fun to finally meet you at SD. Love your blog

  5. Hey, Felicia. It was great to meet you at SD and looking at your notes. Looking forward to finally seeing you onstage next week.

  6. Aww - your blog is fab! So interesting + you're a really fabulous and engaging writer. Etai sounds like quite a laugh - you should let him have a guest post on here.

    I'll probably NEVER get to see you live on stage considering I live on the other side of the atlantic on a whole other continent, but I still wish you the best of luck and lots of success and lots more blog posts!! :D