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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holy Shiz, it's been a long day

So tired...must sleep...sorry not to follow through with promise of updates; will soon...Saw the show tonight, got to wear an All Access pass, which made me feel rather badass...Teal Wicks was phenomenal as Elphaba, I am way impressed (and intimidated!)...Met much of the cast backstage! They are cool and friendly!...Have my first dance/staging rehearsal at noon tomorrow, at a location that is not the theater, which means I will have to suck it up and navigate San Francisco's public transportation system, which people say is easy but which for me is a quagmire of slang and monosyllabic words that sound like punky teenagers.

Goodnight, friends, imaginary and real.


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  1. To help navigate the public transit system, is your best friend. Welcome to the Bay!