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Friday, January 15, 2010

Technical glitches, real and metaphorical

This just in: the number of technical glitches that have occurred during this last week of WICKED performances account for almost one third the total sum of glitches for the entirety of this show's West Coast run.   Examples: last night, the levitation lift in "Defying Gravity" (the Act I Finale) didn't work, but this has apparently happened only two other times.  Then, tonight, the computer controlling the set and other related technical cues jumped ahead, so there was scenery traffic and all kinds of weird malfunctions.  Neither, thankfully, was earth-shattering (and I don't know that the audience could even really tell), but nevertheless-- it makes one think:

If this were a science experiment, and WICKED California were a perfectly stabilized liquid compound in a beaker, then this week that compound would have started to bubble, and Mr. Perkins, my sophomore year chemistry teacher, would ask me to identify the catalyst, and I would say, Mr. Perkins, I can't think straight, because our double period is scheduled over lunch, and you don't let us eat in the lab, I'm really hungry, and he'd say, just answer the question, and I'd say, I'm pretty sure the beaker is bubbling because we've added a new element called FELICIA RICCI.

Incidentally, I could be wrong, because I did pass much of my time in chemistry trying to figure out how to spell my name using the Periodic Table (which, by the way, is: Iron, Lithium, Carbon, Iodine, Argon, Iodine, 2Carbon, Iodine.)

More compellingly, I haven't actually been performing these past four days (just rehearsing), so whatever glitches have arisen must be pure coincidence. Right?

Allow me, nevertheless, to point out that said flux of technical glitches is kind of metaphorically emblematic of my own experience rehearsing this week-- which is to say: learning such a huge volume of material has led to a few, well, personal glitches.  Namely: my sometimes feeling like I am totally wack and in over my head!  Because the material is freaking hard!  My body aches! My mind is exploding!   Rehearsal was particularly challenging today as I was learning the "Ozdust Ballroom" dance break, which is max difficult because it involves numerous male-female dance lifts whereby you are expected to flail wildly in a many number of dancerly fashions, while spinning in the general direction of one or more muscular men, who are then expected to grip you in such a manner so as to propel you several feet in the air, while you strike a contorted pose, all the while smiling and singing.  WAAAAAAH!

But, with all glitches, real and metaphorical, the show continues to go on.  And I know I couldn't be in better hands: everybody on the WICKED team has been so fantastically supportive, and I am constantly surrounded by super-duper high-octane talent.

And, as I've seen this week, even they have to deal with glitches some of the time, right?

It's all good, yo.  I just need to keep my head in the game.  And then watch that musical number from High School Musical and be glad I'm not expected to learn it.

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  1. Aha! So, Felicia, you were the cause of the "bewitching" of the set... kidding! hahaha I was in that show. Looking forward to seeing you onstage.